Monday, October 5, 2009


We like to watch The Amazing Race because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Usually because we are much more functional and polite than the people on the show. Also because we aren't trying to "prove how strong we are" or "test the strength of our relationship". Lastly I'm glad that we don't run around every day telling our camera crew that "everyone underestimates us". Though I'm sure that's the case. YOU TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATE US, DON'T YOU?

Snatches from last night's TAR viewing:

Chip: Get in the water, fool.
- - -
Whimsy: Dude, that music would give me a headache.
- - -
Chip: That was a good first-season clue.
- - -
Whimsy: What's wrong with that guy? Why is he trying to SNEAK UP ON THE PUPPET?
- - -
Chip: The floating dragon things... they're actually kinda cute.
- - -
Whimsy: What's with the bouncy dancing?
- - -
Whimsy: Favorite Reality TV quote EVER, redux: MY ANIMAL IS BROKEN!
- - -
Whimsy: Pink Hair is really fast.
- - -
Chip: Ha. Those two dudes just won a romantic getaway to Aruba. They're going to have fun.
- - -
Whimsy: Wait. It's SAM and DAN? They have rhymey names? Are you kidding me?
- - -
Whimsy: That guy didn't do it right. The lady just wanted to get him out of there because she was AFRAID of him.
- - -

In other news... the book discussion. What did you guys think? Good? Bad? Fun? Boring? Would you do it again? Was the format okay?

I knew it was going to be tricky - the only way it was going to work was if we had some good give and take and discussion, with enough people wanting to participate. For the most part, I'm decently satisfied with the results. I can't thank those of you who came in and commented enough - thank you for being brave, for sharing your thoughts and insights, and for being okay if we didn't all agree! The post is still up and still open for comments - so if anyone is finishing the book late or didn't get in to comment over the weekend, you can go in any time. There were some great insights and opinions shared, and I'm still thinking about some of them.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to tackle this day. I've got a new undertaking this month and today is the first day. We girls (Bean and I) are welcoming a BOY into our midst, the stupendous Mr. G-Man, as he will be called for the purposes of The Creamery. The G-Man's mom is going back to work full time just for the month of October, so the duet of Whimsy-and-Bean is becoming a temporary trio (with A BOY!). Wish us all luck. I have promised G-Man that I won't make him wear pink or anything to do with flowers, though Bean can be very insistent when she wants me to dress Elmo in a skirt. We'll see how that plays out.

* Another one of our favorite Amazing Race quotes, courtesy of red underpants-wearing Jonathan, perhaps the worst Amazing Racer of all time.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Jonathan was the worst Racer ever, although the stupid lawyer dude is giving him a run for his money this season. I couldn't believe how many times they screwed up, and yet he always blamed Keri. Jerk.

Oh, and we laughed extra hard when the giraffe broke. Right away we screamed, "My ox is broken!"

I want the Harlem Globetrotters to win. Or Zev and his brother. Anyone but lawyer dude or the poker girls.

Eleanor Q. said...

An ifiltrator! A boy in the girls room! You'll have to let us know how it goes with two!

Also, I don't know what we'd do at night if we didn't have reality show contestants to mock. You should have seen us when a contestant on Jeopardy started crying when she lost.

wandering nana said...

Still reading.... liking what I'm reading. I was so excited to share a treat I like (finally found it in Wa.) with you.... but... I read the ingredients.... rats, Peanut flour.... foiled again!!!

Amanda said...

I have to apologize about the books discussion. I read the book and was really excited to discuss, then Friday I had the worst headache EVER and car trouble, and whine whine whine... I read along but I didn't feel like I could offer much discussion other than "uh huh, yup".

I still love the idea and will probably go back and comment in a day or so and look forward to the next book choice!

Anonymous said...

We said several of those same things when we watched TAR last night. & can I say how much I dislike that engaged couple (from NY?) - I can't remember his name but her name is Kerri. Their voices grate on my nerves and I just want them to Shut Up.

I have a crush on Phil, too.

Can you ever see you and Chip going on the race?

Erin P said...

I really liked the book discussion too! I was wondering if there might possibly be a "part B" where you put up some questions the various participants might like to discuss? I would love to know what people think about how Anna Lee raised Taos, what that did to him and how it caused him to turn out the way he did. Also, in the scene leading up to where Amos tells Langston how Alice died, Langston has just revealed the secret of her doomed love and leaving school to the girls, and then she casually asks why they wear the gowns, which triggers the horrible asthma. I think this scene is huge, because Langston is opening herself to the girls, but she doesn't understand what they can't tell her.

But anyway, I'd love to go on with it a little further if you're so inclined. Loved it so far!

angelalois said...

Yay for a G-Man in the house! Whimsy is a superstar!

Swistle said...

I'm not sure the comment section works for a book discussion.

I'm reading Iodine by Haven Kimmel now, and WHUH? I am MYSTIFIED.

angelalois said...

PS, I forgot to chime in re: the book discussion. I had a grand old time. I think maybe multiple posts would work too, where you could post those various questions in different posts and people can join whichever discussion they want. Make sense? or group similar-type questions together or something. THEN if things get crazy, you can make even more posts with tangent thoughts and people can keep going there. but it was fun; I'd definitely do it again. Too bad there wasn't e-cookies and e-punch to boot.

Alicia @ bethsix said...

I do intend - soon(ish) - to participate in the book discussion. I did buy the book. And I did, in fact, read the FIRST CHAPTER. I will, I am certain, finish it. And when I do, boy howdy, I will have something to say! I am sure of it!