Tuesday, October 20, 2009

you be the judge

Paranoid or just observant:

Sometimes I think they're plotting against me.

(which would be so much funnier if I hadn't already shared this exact thought with several of the mothers at our playgroup on Thursday... when I brought BOTH children... and nearly survived... except for that last part where Child the Second was having a mini meltdown during The Placing of Himself in the Carseat whilst Child the First frolicked winsomely --i.e. rolled around on her belly and face-- in the knee-deep sopping wet grass of a neighbor's lawn)


Eleanor Q. said...

How is it going with 2? Which of your expectations were met and what has surprised you?

KAY said...

I've observed the same thing. Do they know that they outnumber me?

And, yes usually when one is being uncooperative, the other one is being absolutely winsome. Why we can't we just have two mostly pleasant people all the time instead of the two extremes?

artemisia said...

Dude, you are BRAVE.

wandering nana said...

Wouldn't you love to be in their little minds so you would know what they were thinking as you took that picture? I agree... you are very brave. Oh. Did you get my rambling email?

Rose said...

Aw... how could someone that cute be plotting? :) (Or maybe the cuteness is a deceptive trick).

Spadoman said...

You are absolutely correct, they are plotting against you, and there isn't really anything you can ever do about it. It's those first 30 years that are the worst, it gets a little better after 30, but not much. The Grand children are a lot of fun, and their plots, although less sinister, tend to cost you a fortune.

Peace to you and your beautiful family.

angelalois said...

HILARIOUS. Who is the cute little boy in blue? ;-)

Heidi said...

Most definately plotting!