Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my answer for today

Today I'm inspired...

By light in many forms. The light I see coming through my bedroom window in the early afternoon when both of the kids are asleep, the light in the late afternoon when the three of us go outside to chase each other on the grass, the light shed by my favorite bedroom lamp when I'm writing, the light cast by all of you as you unselfishly share your stories, your thoughts, your insights, your wisdom, and your humor. These bits of light remind me that nothing can compare to light's ability to show us the truth. Whether it is in the truth of a computer screen, the truth of a good story, the truth of Phoebe's fur glinting in the afternoon sun, the truth of Alice's sweet face as she's telling me about her naptime dreams.

By wonder. If it's something that instills that filmy ethereal wisp of a feeling that makes me want to create. A beautiful image, a lovingly crafted piece of clothing, something made, something painted, something done by hands that know.

By the smell of good food cooking in my kitchen. It makes me want to be more self-sufficient, to feed my family real food made with ingredients we can pronounce. It makes me feel like I'm not just baking bread and cookies and cooking dinner. I'm building our home with each baked good, I'm crafting the walls with this food.

By wonderful writing. It makes me want to be a better writer myself. It makes me think about ideas and want to share them with others. It encourages me to take the time to do it right. To write it right. To edit and craft and hone.

By the right room. I spend so much time here at our house, and I love how each room has an intended purpose - and though things can get dissheveled and messy sometimes, I love how a room's purpose shines through. I love my studio space and the things I get to do there. I love the golden glow of our bedroom. I love Bean's colorful little room and how it smells like flowers and maple syrup and baby lotion. Each of these spaces encourages me to treat them right, to beautify them and keep them clean and help these walls to feel loved.

By my friends. Oh how they inspire me in every way, just being themselves.

By good people doing good things. They remind me that I can do more and be more.

By Chip. He is beautiful and amazing, and when he has the choice to do the easy thing or the right thing, he almost always chooses the right thing. He is patient and kind and everyday strives to be a better man. His example encourages me to do the same.

By Alice. If I'm frustrated or angry or irritated, one look at her - one hand tapping my arm - one breath of her hair and I am inspired to be a better mother.

By my relationship with God. I don't talk about it much here, but it is a major part of who I am and how I view the world. My relationship with my Father in Heaven is very personal and private, but it encourages me to push beyond my own boundaries, to exceed my limits in the very best ways.

I tend to view these sparks for inspiration as things that pull me toward them, like magnets--- but in just the same way, a good source of inspiration gives you something solid to stand on, something that allows you to reach as high and as far as you can. When I'm in a What Inspires Me Right Now questioning kind of mood, I want to know that the answers I find will help me to be the more that I want to be. More helpful, more complete, more artistic, more fun, more intelligent, more joyful, more satisfied.... more Whimsy-- I hope to be more of a Whimsy than I was yesterday.


wandering nana said...

Ahhhh...... Whimsey..... beautiful

Spadoman said...

And you're a darn fine Whimsey indeed!