Friday, October 30, 2009

the things you guys want to hear about

I am a very cooperative sort. When people ask me if I'm having a good day, I like to answer the question, and I do so as honestly as possible. Which can lead to a lengthy answer (I'm sorry if you've ever asked this question and I've proceeded to then TELL YOU exactly how I'm feeling about my day).

You guys have asked some stuff of me recently, and I'm taking this opportunity to offer my best answers.

Without further delay...
Here it is...
More than you ever wanted to know about the nuts and bolts of Whimsy's Life, Updated...

(Also: dude, I had plans for a really great true spooky story that happened to Chip but I don't have the energy to write it. You'll just have to wait until next year.)

Let's commence.

. . .There's Still a Sliver in My Hand

I haven't picked at it. And it's not infected. No redness except for that little bump and it hurts only if I press on it really hard. But I think my lack of action has caused serious concern on some of your parts. Before you guys show up at my doorstep and demand that I cut off my hand, I am promising right now that I'm going to dig around in there (EWWW!) today. I promise. Before the end of the day I will have a nice gaping open wound and I'll throw a whole mess of Hydrogen Peroxide on it. I do this for the love of my Minions. FOR MAH MINIONS, I tell you.

. . .We Had Our Cake and We Ate it Too

Cake was a hot topic yesterday, with you guys wanting to know what flavor I made for Chip's birthday. The winning combination was butter yellow cupcakes with vanilla custard filling and milk chocolate frosting. I tied them with brown ribbon and sprinkled white sugar crystals on top. They were yummy. But I hated the frosting tip I used to pipe the frosting and now I'm lusting after a better frosting tip. Like, if I stopped writing right now and just stared into space to daydream, my mind would wander wander wander only to worry helplessly over a Better Frosting Tip. Because I AM CRAZY PERSON.

. . .You Didn't Ask, But You Need to Know

Dudes. I wanted to DIE last night from all the crazy work I did putting Chip's birthday dinner together. The guy requested a TURKEY DINNER. Like, imagine Thanksgiving but on October 29 and with only four hours to do the whole thing including caring for a 19-month-old toddler. I ate exactly one piece of turkey and then I was DONE. A 2-inch piece. Because once you've spent that much time around the turkey, you just don't want to eat it. You're happy to have it OUT OF YOUR OVEN and filling other peoples' bellies. Which, don't get me wrong, Chip is totally worth Death-By-Turkey-Dinner, but I was still really tired.

I am still really tired, and it's several hours later.

. . .Because Yes, I Am Again Writing This Blog Entry the Night Before and Passing It Off As Something I Happened to Write at the Unearthly Hour of 5am.

That sort of said it all, right there.

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