Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas injury round-up

We've got lists of gifts and pictures of the festivities. Complete run-downs of food eaten and the pounds gained. But you know what there hasn't been, here on the blogosphere, about Christmas?


Yes, that's what I said: Injuries. Because Christmas has it's share and I don't think we talk about them enough.

I can tell you already, if we were to compare Christmas injuries of people in my immediate sphere, the winner, on a scale of least to worst injuries, would be my dear friend Wandering Nana who actually cut off a slip of her finger. Cut it OFF. (She's fine, and on the mend, and the slip that was slipped off will happily - apparently - grow back.)

For my own self I will tell you that my injury is thus: a bad burn obtained from a glue gun. How does one obtain a bad burn from a glue gun prior to Christmas, you might be asking. Well, one receives a bad burn from a glue gun whilst using the glue gun to wrap packages for Christmas into the wee hours of the morning while simultaneously watching The Polar Express.

It was very burny and ouchy. Which turned into blistery and ouchy.

Now it's just ouchy.

But it's getting better.

Now let's have some fun and compare injuries. Whatcha got? (And if not injuries, tell us about a favorite gift given or gift received or how about just what you've been doing, since it's that kind of a Tuesday and I think we need a little bit of chatter.)

Fergus says: the new direction in casual attire for 2011 is the ascot. Now you know.


Midnight Rambler said...

I didn't quite, but almost, cut off the tip of my thumb. It is mending well under my hello kitty bandaids. And I splashed boiling water onto my foot, so I got the burny ouchy thing too (though no blistery, so yay!!). Favorite gift ... spending 2.5 hours on Skype with my family on Christmas Day. The next best thing to being there!

Merry Christmas!!

ixBeths said...

You wrap presents with a GLUE GUN?!?!

The Polar Express creeps me out.

Our presents were pretty underwhelming this year. We did buy our kids (mostly Kieran) a Gyrowheel, which is really freaking futuristic. That took up most of the Christmas budget; I think we spent $25/kid in addition to that. Little gifts are always better though.

KAY said...

Ditto: Polar Express = creepy.

You know, they make this "uni-directional bonding strips" for giftwrapping...

In terms of injuries, I almost sewed my fingernail to grandma's pillow. That would have been fun.

How is the baby doll and accessories working out? The diapers were sooooo cute.

Andrea said...

Not worthy of much pity, but I got my finger and fingernail separated while unwrapping a stick of butter for cookies...and burned my fingers on the wax of the Christmas eve candle at the candle light service...nothing that'll leave a permanent mark.... Best and most desired present: a video camera for all those moments we want to keep forever!

kately said...

ok, thankfully no Christmas injuries .... but did get an unexpected present in the form of finding a tape in a video recorder we stopped using 2 years ago: watching it and seeing me - 1 day before my due date, pregnant -- no, ENORMOUSLY pregnant -- with Shelby. Yes, on video - in all my glory. And then followed by several snippets of Shelby on Day #4, #8, #10 and then 37 minutes of the recorder turned on, pointing towards the bottom of the couch while my mom and I talked....and talked ... and talked ... about basically nothing but breast feeding and boring stuff, and then there's mom saying, "hey, that red light is on! does that mean the video recorder has been on the whole time?" Wildly entertaining movie magic. Actually very happy to have that stuff (minus the couch talk) on video. Need to find time to transfer to digital. oh, and I'm still giggling about the "uni directional bonding strips"! You have some funny blog followers! I too am stunned that you use a glue gun to wrap presents. Loved the baby doll diapers, too, by the way. You are such a fun mom!