Friday, December 3, 2010

hang on

Hello. We at The Creamery are experiencing a minor difficulty known as Still Suffering From The Cold That Will Not Die--- and it has affected my ability to even begin to tell a decent story.

As I write this, it is late and Chip has already taken some sinus medicine and is waiting for its dreamlike affect. I'm soon to follow, but first I needed to tell you that the promised story, now so blown up and awaited as to SURELY be disappointing when it's finally posted, is still coming.

And now I shall distract you with a photo, and wish you a happy weekend. Can you believe it's Friday? I can't believe it's Friday. It's been a weird week.

(I am dreaming of warmer evenings when we were able to go out on the driveway after dinner and do chalk drawings. This is one of my favorites--- she's a chalk star.)


Pickles and Dimes said...

Alice is so cute - I love her pigtails!

ixBeths said...

Chalk stahhhh!!!!

serenity now said...

Feel better soon and have a good weekend!