Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I can't contain my joy.

(in fact, I did a jig sometime around 5:49 Tuesday morning after pulling an all-nighter because I just couldn't take the grunge and mess of house detritus piling up around me and willed myself to just be DONE...)
And then I was.
I am finished.
The sewing machine has been placed back in its rightful home on the studio table and won't be visited until sometime in January.
It's possible that what started out as an innocent venture to provide Bean with a fun accessory for the doll she'll be getting for Christmas turned into... something else.

There was the wee diaper bag.

With the equally wee fleece diapers.
And changing pad.

Then there was the small collection of clothes. Wee dolly needed something other than the capri pants and short-sleeve top she is coming to us in. After all, it's winter. And she needs jammies. It's possible that they are matching PJ's to some that Bean will open on Christmas Eve. Maybe.
But that's all perfectly reasonable. Sometime in the 3-4am area, I went a little crazy.


Make that, a lot crazy.


Sibley Saga .... said...

I'm going to agree and call you CRAZY...but BRILLIANT!

Rose said...

Cute! You are so talented! I'll be making leg warmers today or tomorrow with your tutorial you posted awhile ago. :)

Andrea said...

Those are wonderful! Crazy or not, they are fantastic! (I also tend to just keep going when I'm working on a project, so I know what you mean about the 5 a.m. thing). She will LOVE those for Christmas.

KAY said...


ixBeths said...

You have a sickness, a very cute sickness.