Wednesday, December 29, 2010

time out for bubbles

Because sometimes, even in the dead of winter, it's time for bubbles.

Bean taught me that.

And then I forgot.

And she taught me again, last week, when we visited dear Kate and Shelby.

A wonderful and sweet lesson.

I think, at least once a week, I need to take time out for bubbles.
(Also note to self: must get me one of those battery-operated bubble making thingies, because dude--- so awesome.)


Andrea said...

I want bubble time too! You captured one of the most perfect moments of little-kid-hood. Lovely.

kately said...

and i am so glad we got to share that wonderful time with you both!

Kay said...

Get a bubble machine. Not the handheld kind -- the tabletop kind. Find it in the party section next to fog machines and strobe lights or the toy section in the shape of volcanoes. Total fun (even now with tweens).

angelalois said...

good thing someone's birthday is coming up!!! hehe...