Monday, February 7, 2011

to be written

There's a post I want to write about Chip's thoughts about Pizza Hut and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

There's a post I want to write about the weird and dumb things we've done in relationships.

There's also one waiting to be written about kickball in fifth grade.

There's one to offer advice and another discussing the symbolism behind a word Alice has been saying for a while.

I have all this... stuff. Stuff that I want to write. But I am currently indisposed. Another late night of coughing from the Bean on top of a project that had to be finished. Both left me limp and tired, late night eyelids barely able to stay open.


Until tomorrow, my peeps, tell me your opinion on this mind blowing question: which restaurant reinvents more make believe food--- Taco Bell, with the thousands of repeating combinations of beans/cheese/meat/tortilla item OR Olive Garden with the also thousands of repeating combinations of meat/cheese/pasta item. It's a conundrum. Taco Bell has been reinventing the Taco/fancy spanish-sounding olupa thing longer, but I think Olive Garden does it more often, and I think they make up more fake food names. What's your call?


Rose said...

I don't go to Olive Garden enough to really vote on that question...

But this week, I learned that "Gordita" (one of my favorite Taco Bell dishes) is the feminine form of "chubby"!

Jayme said...

I let Olive Garden slide on the fake names because they actually make food that tastes good- unlike Taco Bell.

ixBeths said...

I don't really go to Olive Garden often enough either. I *do* like their as-much-as-you-can-eat bread sticks/salad deal. Those bread sticks are good stuff.

I have really been disgusted by the thought of Taco Bell recently (one of my walkable work lunch choices, and also close to home). I think it's because I accidentally got one of those hot Fritos burritos a couple weeks ago. That was hid. e. ous. I just can't bare to think of that stuff as food anymore, especially given the current lawsuit re: how-much-of-our-beef-is-beef.

So. I guess I decline to answer based on the fact that it may incriminate me?

angelalois said...

I definitely vote for Taco Bell as the loser here. Fake food all the way. I *ahem* used to work for Olive Garden and LOVE IT and we, you know, go to Italy and meet real Italian people and make real dishes and stuff from what they say. So it's less fake. But I suppose all Mexican food is the same to me anyway. I see more excitement in Italian. OG all the way! Buena Festa!

PS keep those posts coming. I have a piece of paper on my counter with a huge list of posts I'll get around to one day.