Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentime's day comes to the last homely house

You remember when it was ValenTIMES? I remember Valentimes. When I wished Alice a Happy Valentine's Day yesterday, she responded with What is Valentimes? I told her it was a day to show our love. And so we did.

In the rain, with a present from daddy. (The froggy umbrella.)

In the dining room, when I made a horrendous mess working on a will-be-revealed-later Valentine craft.

Again in the dining room, when Chip was completely unfazed by my horrendous mess.

And later that night, when the three of us ate pizza and laughed at each other.

How was your Valentimes?


Alice Faye said...

I love our little family

Chadillac said...

My Valentimes was probably the best yet. Dinner at a Jamaican restaurant downtown, Shakespeare at the Performing Arts Complex (A Midsummer Night's Dream) and quality time with my honey.