Wednesday, February 23, 2011

all about the underpants


Meet Olivia.

Bean's grand achievement for navigating the vast labrinth that is potty training.

These days she doesn't leave Bean's sight for very long.

Bean would like to dress Olivia in clothes. Other clothes, she says, which isn't an easy task considering Olivia's small stature. (Everything falls off.)

What is a mother to do?

She pulls out a stack of sock remainders left over from making these and these.

She fashions fabulous tube dresses and simple leggies, just for Olivia.

And when she contemplates using the sock toe--- trying to come up with a good use for the little last bit, it's only natural that the mother makes a hat.

Which then, of course, translates to this:

Olivia approved and stripey to boot.


Anonymous said...

It pays to have a crafty mommy!!

Melanie Condie said...

We have the same Olivia, and Alexis is obsessed with her. Next time Alice and Alexis see each other they will have so much to talk about.

KAY said...

I love the 2-for-1 hat & undies! Brilliant!!!!

Tamara said...

very clever momma whimsy.