Monday, August 3, 2009

alternately titled: a new use for a single sock

Or: How Whimsy Deals with Stress

The week before leaving for Denver I was a teeny bit preoccupied. With packing. And cleaning. And Alice. And the whole upcoming ordeal. And a large pile of mending and other random sewing projects that I'd been planning to do.

Because that, my friends, is how the Whimsy deals with stress. When at all possible, she sews. She makes. She knits. She dabbles. She creates.

Besides the stuff I'm going to show you tomorrow (because let's drag this out a couple of days), I found a solo striped sock. Its mate had been used to make a rice pack that Chip could put on tired eyes. The single sock had been sitting forlornly on my studio table for seven months.

What did I finally do with it? I made myself a little IPod carrier. Because it made me happy. Look at that jaunty IPod sock!

Now before you go off with a sniff, thinking that I haven't told you anything about the trip last week, I'll leave you with this little gem from Chip remarking on the melancholy folksiness of the song stylings of one Don McLean (think along the lines of the Starry Starry Night song with the sad singer dude and the even sadder guitar strumming and the even much sadder lyrics--- but sadder, like ten TIMES sadder) playing over the in-house sound system of an A&W Burger joint in suburban Denver.

Whimsy (noting Chip's sudden drop in energy): Are you okay? What's wrong?

Chip (cocks head, takes in saddy mcsadsad music): I think... I think it's this MUSIC, man. It's making me SAD. I mean, listen to it! I just want to give this guy a PUPPY or something. (waits a moment, listening to the saddest music in the world)... Are you KIDDING me? Now they've added A FLUTE? They just HAD TO HIT US WITH A FLUTE. The flute has got to be the most sensitive instrument ever created. EVER. Let's get out of here, okay?


Anonymous said...

I bow to your craftiness!

Swistle said...

That is adorable. ETSY, girl. Etsy. Ruffled jeans and sock-pods.

Chelle said...

Love love love the sock - I bet Dina would let you teach a class at Enrichment. ;) Also adore the perfect description of the saddy mcsadsad music... we would have hightailed it out, too.

M said...

Can I just say that Chip? Cracks. Me. Up. Even when he's SAD that man is comical.


Oh, man. I'm going to be saying that to Chris tonight...just to mess with his head.

Eleanor Q. said...

I'm in agreement with Swistle, you should have an Etsy store.

Alice said...

that is the most adorable ipod case i have EVER SEEN. i third? fourth? the etsy suggestion, i would totally buy that.

Spadoman said...

Hmmmmm, a case for the iPod? I don't have one. Maybe I need one. Do we just send you a sock? or what? Then, what do I do with the other sock? I could use it to wrap around my Nalgene bottle that gets soakin' wet with summertime condensation sweat. I'd have a matched set with the iPod and water bottle bags. I could see getting all kinds of socks of the same design and having all sorts of things made with them, sort of a sock-for-all. A sock Leatherman holder, pen and pencil holder, coin purse, pill box, (for us older generation folks), travel kleenex holder and for those that still have the terrible smoking habit, one for the pack of cigs with a little protrusion for the Bic. And the old time pot smoker could certainly need one to carry the essential papers, pot, lighter and roach clip, (oops, sorry, I forgot this was a family site, forget I mentioned the pot).

So, where do I order?
Good to be back. Missed my friends.