Thursday, August 13, 2009

brief pause

There's always a good reason. A good reason for not blogging, for not updating, for promising the continuation of a story and not following through.


Today's reason is weaker than most, but here it is: I am tired. And I'm currently a single parent with Chip out of town, which makes me even more tired.

So tired that yesterday I sewed a chopstick inside a smock I was making for Alice. After rescuing the chop stick and sewing everything back up, I started to sew the other smock. And promptly sewed a chop stick up inside that one.

What about you? What dumb/weird thing have you done lately?


Amanda said...

I'm sure there is a reason (ha ha) but I can't help wondering how the chopsticks kept getting into the smocks. Eating while you're sewing? Surely not.

Amanda said...
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Alice said...

ha, i was curious as to why chopsticks were involved in smock-making as well ;-)

dumb: went to the gym yesterday, parked, swiped myself in, went to the locker room, got a locker, pulled out my gym clothes, got halfway nekked from my work clothes..... and realized i had no socks. i cannot run without socks. FAIL. had to get back dressed and walk right back out.

M said...


Why are you sewing with chopsticks?

Heidi W. said...

maybe you shouldn't sew when you are hungry!!!!!!