Thursday, August 13, 2009

the alex in your trebek

What Is...
If you're me. If you're doing too many things at once. If you're overly tired and have two more huge blog posts to write and you're putting it off, because you're a procrastinator. If you're doing a few days of Single Parenting because your husband is away on business. If you're working on the third try of the smock because you messed up the previous two versions with other, various boo-boo's. If you're sitting on the floor with your toddler (who appears to be having some kind of freakish phantom teething pain --no teeth in sight but she has ALL the signs--) and you're pushing the lining of the smock through to the other side, and your fingers aren't cutting it so you grab the chosen most helpful instrument (ENTER CHOPSTICK) and use that to push push push the fabric through the little skinny tie thing. If you then, because you are tired and are distracted and are doing way too many other things at the same time-- you put the smock to the side, planning to sew it up later when the toddler is in bed. If you repeat all these same steps with the other, second smock (including grabbing a second chopstick because where the heck did the FIRST chopstick go?).*

* Answer: How do you get a chopstick stuck inside your smock?


artemisia said...


Oh, I shouldn't laugh.

I dont' get this much done and I don't have a toddler. You rock.

Chip said...

You should see what she put in my cereal

Heidi W. said...

I would love to be a fly on your wall someday. I am sure it would prove to be very entertaining! you guys are hilarious.