Friday, August 28, 2009

just say yes

There are no less than three sippy cups currently residing in our fridge. They contain, in order of fridge placement: water, milk, and some heavily watered-down Vitamin Water. I would argue that that last one, the Vitamin Water one, is actually water of the regular variety with an itty bitty splash of the Vitamin Water (in the flavor of C, btw, if you care).

The reasons for the sippy hoarding:
- Because she didn't drink it all at breakfast (milk)
- Because I thought she might like a cold drink when she wakes up from her nap
- Because we were both in the kitchen (me: chopping peaches to freeze, her: playing with a stack of silicone cupcake liners) and when I opened the fridge a very lonely bottle of mostly-drunk Vitamin Water rolled onto the floor and into Alice's happy hands

She grabbed the bottle and looked at it for a while, stunned by the pinky color. Pink. It's gotta be good, right? So she motions to me and then starts pulling on my pants leg until I look down. She's gesturing madly to the Vitamin Water and saying her version of "water" which sounds more like this: BABABABABABABA.

My thoughts after looking at the label and then the minuscule dregs of remaining Vitamin Water: Sure. Why not?
And this: Who am I to say no?

... Who am I to say no? Well, her mother, for one. Another human being, for another. Hopefully her friend one day. But again: who am I to say no, when she hears so many no's throughout the day?

No. Don't eat the crayons.
No. Don't eat the cat.
No. Don't stand on the chair.
No. Don't throw the blocks.
No. Don't put your fingers there.
No. You cannot eat the Clorox Clean-Up.
No. Let's put that away and get ready for bed.

No, No, No.

I think she deserved a YES. I decided to push for a YES for the rest of the afternoon.
YES let's go outside.
YES let's play on the grass.
YES let's eat some peaches.
YES let's roll around on the living room floor.
YES let's sing.
YES let's wear pajamas on our heads.
YES let's not worry so much.
YES let's have fun.
YES let's laugh when Mama makes a funny face.


Now. What are you saying Yes to this weekend?


M said...

Yes let's have banana bread for breakfast. Yes let's read those books one more time. Yes let's go outside. Yes let's go to the library. Yes let's chase the ball around the apartment. Yes, let's have a cuddle.

sagessa said...

Were saying yes to the Chinese buffet! It laden with sodium! We'll all be bloated like balloons! Yummm

Spadoman said...

You know, around here, the Grandkids rule as I allow, or say, "Yes", to just about everything. Sometimes I have to look in the direction of my daughter, Their Mom, or Mrs. Spadoman to see if the, "Yes", I'm about to give is what the adults want me to say! (I say, "Yes", anyway)
Anna, the eleven year old, came to me last night and asked, "Papa, can we stay over?"
I loked at her and said, "Why yes, of course. I never have a problem with you guys staying over."
Then I asked her why she asks me since I never mind it.
She shrugged, "I dunno, just to make sure. Mom always tells me to ask you if it's okay."

So, I guess I had my shares of the "NO's" when my daughter was growing up, so she tells her kids to make sure it's okay. A funny phenomenon I guess, when you think about it.

Yes Whimsy, you may smile. No Whimsy, you may not stop being a Mom.


wandering nana said...

That I would alter someone's dress and teach a class (so had to make up designs). I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to do those few things.

Heidi W. said...

yes i will play that game with you, yes we'll finally take that walk, yes come and hug me.... As always you have encouraged me to be a better mother.