Monday, August 31, 2009

too italicized for my own good

Why hello there.
There are some things we need to discuss. Various odds and ends and quite frankly I'm feeling very italicized right now so you will be seeing a lot of emphasis in the next few paragraphs.

You have been warned.

(Something I hate about blogger: the near impossibility of just italicizing as you go --- you always have to go back and italicize which is why I resort to CAPS LOCK in order to keep the emphasis but continue the flow of writing. Ugh.)

First thing: there was this wonderful experiment that the brilliant M took upon herself a while back - she'd read a really great book (Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos) and wrote such a stunning review of it that she proposed we do an online book club, of sorts. One time only - we each read the book and then came to her blog on a specified day to find posted questions that we could then respond to in the comments. It was like reporting to a book club as your schedule allowed instead of having to find a babysitter and arrange for a ride and also stay out way too late and feel so tired you want to spit in the morning. On the flip side, it was something of a tricky business for the dear M to moderate. I loved going in and reading the new comments and thinking of my own responses--- the day went by way too quickly for me.

Right now I'm reading a fantastic book (also suggested by the marvelous M), The Solace of Leaving Early by Haven Kimmel. It's sweet and touching and incredibly interesting--- all the while being written in the most marvelous way. Kimmel has a way of writing characters that you want to cry over, they're so flawed and human and loveable. This book... has me thinking of questions, it has me formulating answers, it has me pondering over themes and images. AND I DESPERATELY WANT TO TALK TO YOU GUYS ABOUT IT. So here's what I'm thinking: shall we try it? Can we co-opt M's idea and try it here at The Creamery? You guys read this book (I PROMISE YOU WON'T REGRET IT --intended caps lock there, I mean it so much). And then at some day in the coming month (or two?) we'll meet back here and I'll have some questions that we can discuss in the comments. What do you think? Would you be game? I do not make book recommendations lightly (except when I'm recommending that a dear friend's SENSITIVE MOTHER READ A BOOK ABOUT A PRIEST WHO HAs A HORRIFIC TIME ON AN ALIEN PLANET). Amended: I don't make light book recommendations now. So, in earnest: this book is so good. You read it too! (Oh, and if I might make a suggestion: don't read the Amazon book description. Just don't. Read the book and find yourself surprised.)

So that thing up there was the first thing I needed to talk to you about. The second thing is this: I've been thinking about putting the follower's widget somewhere over there on my sidebar. I've been thinking about it for months. Do you know what has me stopped in my tracks? (This is awesome and very patently Whimsy.) What has me sputtering around and not adding the widget is that I don't know what I want to call it, them, um, YOU. You, followers, I don't know what to call you. We at The Creamery take our vocabulary very seriously and we don't think that "followers" works for anyone who has chosen to "follow", um, The Creamery. ANYWAY. So far I've come up with the following (stop saying THAT WORD) possibilities and I thought that maybe you'd like to help me think of a term? Or vote? Or something? Because I can't make up my mind. So far I've got: The Creamies, The Dairy Section, ...are these stupid? Does anyone have an idea? Should I just move on and stop overthinking it? Yes?

Moving on... we're headed out of town this week. Down to Portland and then on to San Francisco. Back in about a week. I am feeling strangely calm about it. Which worries me, because I have this theory that all my FREAKING OUT tends to exhaust the possibilities of BAD STUFF that can happen. Like, if I worry about it, it won't happen. Let's test my theory, shall we?

That's it for me. Some random weird stuff that doesn't fit together but it's swimming here in my noggin and now it's swimming in your noggins.

You're welcome.


Amanda said...

I just ordered the book from the library without reading the description. There were no other holds on it so I should have it in a day or so.

I like the Dairy Section.

Have a good trip!

M said...

YES! Oh, man, I'm composing you an email with an AWESOME link as soon as I post this comment. Oh, I can't wait!

And I vote for the Dairy Section, or maybe the Coolers--because Orange Juice can appreciate Cream, whilst it may not always get it...I suspect that you have some hidden Orange Juice peeps who appreciate your blog and they shouldn't be excluded just because they aren't dairy.

That was a long rant for this early in the morning. Sorry. Kisses!

Anonymous said...

I like the Dairy Section, too. Can I be Whipped Cream? :)

I believe I read that book and loved it, though i can't tell you what it was about (I've given birth since then, which is my favorite excuse). I love the idea though.

Spadoman said...

Takes me forever to read a book, and so many already on my list, but I'll try it.

The Milking Parlour Gang

Go to the Chestnut Street Roastery while in SF and have a double Americano. My favorite place to stop for a moment while there.

Peace. Have a great trip.

Eleanor Q. said...

Stranded here without a book club. Am voting YES to your idea.

Also I like the dairy section or dairy case or just "the dairy."

wandering nana said...

I will pick up the book today... I keep thinking of the other book you gave me and I told you it was okay, but I keep thinking of things in it and I'm liking it more. Lots of random thoughts. I think the Dairy Cows (now I suggest this with love and do not think it is offensive as it is where the cream comes from and lets face it, we would be nothing with out the cows.) "}

Whimsy said...

You guys are AWESOME. Just had to say that.

Also: that Amanda is a trooper! I'm not sure what the library description would be, but the Amazon one says a little too much, I think. However, if you just HAVE to read the description, go for it. It won't ruin the book for you. It's not one of those SECRET REVEALED AT THE END THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING novels. Or, at least I don't think so, since even I haven't reached the end yet.

But it's really good. And I'm really excited to talk to you guys about it!

Chip suggested The Creamerium for the Follower's title today and I'm thinking that's just a mite too close to CREMATORIUM for my tastes. Nice try, honey. (BTW, he wasn't serious.)

Erin P said...

I think you should go with "My New Minions" or something like that. I loved your post on that.

Or--to keep with the Cream concept: Skimmed from the Top (cream, skimmed off the top of whole milk) Or--The Nonhomogenized Best Or--Grade "A" Certified Or--Farm Fresh Dairy Fans

C'mon, people, how about some more creative suggestions?

Swistle said...

You could leave the section untitled. Or call it "Drinking It Up." Or "Sipping." Or "Skimming" would be funny.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Haven Kimmel and would GLADLY lie prostrate at her darling, darling feeties. I read The Solace of Leaving Early already, but would re-read it if you do this idea. (I have a copy of The Used World waiting for my next flight!)

Kate said...

Just ordered the book! Looking forward to it!

Amy said...

Just requested the book from the library. Have NO idea what it's about but am happy to trust you!

As for nicknames, I don't like anything in the title involving "Cow" because I'm having some self-esteem issues and don't know if I can handle seeing my name listed under "Cow". Maybe I'm just a tad sensitive today, who knows?
I like "The Creamies" or "The Creamsicles".

Sibley Saga .... said...

I, for one, have been a loyal minnion for years so I wouldn't mind being labeled simply "Minnions". Since it is a creamery we could be the "Milk Minnions".

I just finished reading "A Daughter of the Land" and was aching for a new book, so I'll be excited to try something new. : )

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

I'm all in for the book discussion idea. I'm always looking for a new good read.

serenity now said...

I'm up for re-reading The Solace of Leaving Early and discussing it (at last!). Haven Kimmel's great, as Swistle so eloquently stated. And we just came back from SF today! We tried to leave it in good working order (hee-hee). Beware--the Bay Bridge will be out of commission from Sept. 3-8 due to renovations.

Amy said...

Nicknames for "followers" ran through my head as I was trying to go to sleep last night. Now I understand why you've had trouble!
"The Dairy Queens" (or something along those lines - not excluding boys)
Well. I had more ideas last night but now I can't remember!

Amanda said...

Funny how Amy and I both commented on this post but neither of us mentioned it when we lunched together yesterday. Thankfully we don't compete at the same library or we'd be in trouble as we both read A LOT!