Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fan dance

I spent last night admiring a new bathroom wall decoration.

That, my dear friends, is a bathroom fan timer. All digital and fancy. A gift from our marvelous friends Kate and Abram. It turns out that Kate is the type of friend who, when reading about her buddy's weird bathroom fan anxiety, goes out and buys her a digital timer for said fan. Kate is also the type of friend who has an equally kind and talented husband who was willing to give of his time to install the timer.

Good friends make me feel so happy.
You know what else makes me feel so happy? NOT HAVING TO TURN THAT STUPID FAN OFF AT NIGHT. Pure bliss.

It looks like we'll be doing an online book discussion of Haven Kimmel's The Solace of Leaving Early. Now to think about timing... how does a month sound? Is that too quick?

Now tell me. Do you have any weird anxieties?


Amy said...

What sweet friends!

M said...

Hooray for Kate and Abram! They sound thoroughly AWESOME.

Weird anxieties? Do I have any other kind?

Swistle said...

Bathroom fan timer = teh awesome. Ever since Paul installed ours, I've said to him about once a week "I heart our fan timer."

A month sounds good to me!

If I walk past a dark window (like, I'm inside where it's light, but it's dark outside), I feel like I'm going to get shot. Is that a weird anxiety?

Eleanor Q. said...

I'm with M, I think all my anxieties are weird. Ordering my book from the library today. Have a good trip!

wandering nana said...

Okay, where do you get this wonderful things... Hey, I thought you were out of town. Still need to get the book. I'll go tomorrow and get going.

wandering nana said...

Oh, me, anxieties... never... "wo be unto the liars, for they shall be THRUST down to hell." "]

Heidi said...

My book is "in transit!" yay. Every time I pass a bathtub with the curtain closed I have to look inside the tub cause I am afraid someone is hiding there. I am terrified, TERRIFIED of bathroom windows. Especially at night. But with reason. Growing up we had peeping toms. Alot of them. Very scary neighborhood.