Tuesday, September 15, 2009

return to the 'bers

If you've spent any significant time here at The Creamery, you know that Autumn is my favorite season. I even love how it has two names, both of them poetical and lovely: Fall and Autumn, Autumn and Fall. The months are lyrical and dusky and remind me of the crunch of leaves: September, October, November, December. Cooler days, even cooler nights, and mornings that smell like cider.

I'm excited to see Alice enjoy this season, can't wait to see her cheeks go rosy pink in the chilly air, can't stop myself from fantastically dreaming over her Halloween costume (I'm not sure what it's going to be, yet, exactly--- I'd love to hear your thoughts). Fall is a time when my soul feels a freedom that it doesn't have at any other time of year. I don't understand it, exactly, but I just know that these are good days to wander in.

And maybe that's it: this stretch of days leading up to Thanksgiving feels like a time of immense possibility, a surprise around every week's corner, a wonderful gift of What If.

So. Any thoughts about Halloween costumes?


artemisia said...

Oh, I love fall. It is a short season here, as is spring. I loved, loved the fall in DC - so many wonderful leaves crunching and fluttering to the ground! Oh, I just love it. There is a particular smell in the crisp air.. Love it.

Alice is ADORABLE in that picture! No ideas for Halloween. She'll be so cute in anything!

wandering nana said...

I love fall but I really miss it in Utah. I loved the colors of the mountains that you could see from my front lawn and the pile of colorful leaves that I would rake up ( well, usually the first 10 bags...the next 50 bags were a pain).
I think you should dress her as a Jelly Bean or a String Bean. When I see her I always think of her as Bean.
A witch would be really cute...

M said...

I saw an awesome pattern for a cupcake the other day...

That would be rockin' on a little girl!

Anonymous said...

Autumn is the best, no doubt about it.

I agree with M. With those adorable cheeks, I think Alice would be a fabulous cupcake.

Spadoman said...

Sop many talk about loving the Fall. I've mentioned it too. Lately, I'm doing harvest things, putting up stuff from the Farmer's Market. One of the little Grand ids asked me why I was doing it. I told her that we'll talk about that and I'll answer her question this winter, when we break out a bag of corn on the cob from the freezer.
Costumes. eh? Cats are good. Tights, mascara whiskers and nose highlights, a sewn on tail. I was always a bum. I wore what I usually wore, I looked like a bum, Mom called me an urchin. Just add mascara stubble and presto, you're a bum.

Erin P said...

Fall is wonderful--harvest, crispness back in the air, everything comes to fruition. I love it too.

Halloween: I made an adorable pumpkin outfit for my son at that age--orange sweatshirt material, made like pj's without the feet, with velcro instead of snaps in the inseam. A continuous hood with elastic around it to cover the head, with green felt in the shape of the stem on top. Then take black felt or magic marker and make the triangles for eyes, nose, and then the mouth--all on the belly. Do you sew? it's fun. Any shop will have patterns for that sort of thing.

Or, maybe give her some choices--princess, pumpkin, flower...and see if she has a choice.