Friday, September 18, 2009

day by day

Monday night, 10:02pm

Chip (sighs as he hangs up the phone): It looks like I'm going to have to go to Eastern Washington tomorrow.
Whimsy: Really? That's a bummer. How long?
Chip: I'll leave tomorrow morning, back on Thursday.
Whimsy: I had thought you'd be staying in town this week.
Chip: Me too.
(Whimsy keeps typing on her laptop)
Chip: So, uh... what would it take for you to be ready to go to Eastern Washington tomorrow?
Whimsy: A tranquilizer.

Tuesday night, 5:55pm
Whimsy (to Alice, who is crying and carrying on because she doesn't like the way Whimsy wipes her face): He's at work. Daddy's at work, honey.
Alice: (through the tears) Daaaa-Dee! Daaaa-Dee!
Whimsy: I know. I miss him too.

Wednesday, 6:47pm
Whimsy (as she's giving Alice a bath): Hello sudsy girl!
Alice: Daaaa-Dee! Daaaa-Dee!
Whimsy: He's at work, honey.
Alice: Daaaa-Dee! Daaaa-Dee!
Whimsy: I have nothing funny to say to you. I miss him too.

Thursday, 4:10pm
Chip has been home for a few hours. Whimsy is sitting at the kitchen table, Chip on the couch. Alice walks over to bring Whimsy a book.
Whimsy (to Alice): So Alice, do you want to really welcome daddy home?
Chip: What's that?
Whimsy: Chip? Do you want us to really welcome you home?
Chip: Absolutely!
Whimsy (to Alice): Honey, go walk on over there to daddy.
Chip (gets a whiff of Alice): Oh.

A few minutes later, Chip is changing Alice's diaper.
Whimsy: It's so good to have you home.
Chip: (continues wiping poop, looks at Whimsy with raised eyebrows)
Whimsy: Not just for the diaper changes, either.


Anonymous said...

How heartbreaking to hear her cry out for dad. I commend your patience with that, and the horrible horrible teething.

And really, I'm finding out that sometimes it is mostly the diaper changes that make me welcome my husband home...that and the love. The love...of not having to do one of the 6,000,000 changes

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Daddy! Alice made you a homemade gift.

wandering nana said...

The very beginning made me laugh.... I could hear you say it. Loved the day to day post.