Thursday, September 3, 2009

the solace of leaving early online discussion

She knew exactly what Taos meant; she knew he wasn't being perverse or clever or idiosyncratic. He was handing her the sweetest possibility this life offers: to leave in the middle, while everyone else stays behind and waits for the heroine to die in the cold.
-Haven Kimmel, The Solace of Leaving Early

The challenge has been accepted and books are being gathered from libraries and bookstores far and near:

You are cordially invited to The Creamery's first
online book circle* to discuss

Haven Kimmel's
The Solace of Leaving Early

Questions will be posted and the discussion will take place
Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Sunday, October 4th, 2009

This way, we all have plenty of time to share our thoughts about the book. If there are any new announcements or pertinent details, I'll update in the sidebar over there on the right.

(Book Circle = like a knitting circle, except we'll be gathering in cyberspace and not in my living room, though it would be terribly lovely to have you all gather in my living room... I would provide treats!)

Happy reading!


Kathy said...

Have you already read it? Why did you pick it? I put it on hold at out library.

Whimsy said...

I updated the link to include the original post from Monday when I talked about the book.

Since then, I've finished it and I couldn't be happier about doing this book discussion. It's a FANTASTIC book and I think we're going to have some fun. Some of the thoughts I've been having are around the ideas of grief, love, how (and why) some of us understand each other, and the nature of depth... as in, the assumptions we make about a person's understanding based on our perceptions of their circumstance. Or how they present themselves to the world is not indicative of how they **understand** the world. Happy reading, you guys!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

This sounds like fun and I'm looking for a good book. My biggest complaint at the moment about books is that they are all just 'okay'. It takes me forever to finish reading because I never seem to be able to give up on one.

Swistle said...

Got it from the library last night, so I R.S.V.P. YES.

M said...

Oh, man, I love that scene where Langston's mother looks at her and says, "how could you possibly understand? You who have been so loved?" It's one of those moments where everything slides into focus and you realize that what you perceive as love and what others perceive as love are not necessarily the same things. So great. Can't wait!

wandering nana said...

I had to order my book as Borders didn't have it in stock! But... good news, it was shipped today so hopefully it will get here soon. I've never belonged to a book club before.... this is exciting. "}

Heidi said...

oooooh I picked mine up at the library today!! can't wait to start reading it!

Heidi said...
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angelalois said...

wow, such a cool idea! I think you should post a recipe for a treat and we can all make it that day and enjoy together. Or better yet you can make us a treat and mail it to all of us. haha ;-) OK I'll try to get it from the library but I have a feeling it may already be gone...!

Erin P said...

Hi! I just arranged to get it from my library. I can be very picky about what I read (and I don't hesitate to quit a book if I hate the style) but I'm going to try it. I've always thought that being in a book club would be fantastic!!

Kathy said...

I finished it yesterday. It started slow for me but I was totally into it by mid book and ended up really liking it.