Friday, July 31, 2009

what would whimsy do

Let's say that you got back home late Wednesday evening from a long trip where both your husband and daughter had very bad allergies (which turned into bronchitis and other nasties), and the trip itself was amazing and crazy and wonderful and even at times mind bendingly awful--- and you are just fried fried FRIED and you find that you are returning to Seattle on the HOTTEST DAY IN RECORDED HISTORY and you walk into the house and it's over one hundred degrees INSIDE THE HOUSE, and your husband is trying to cool down the house, and you're trying to unpack just a tiny bit, and your baby daughter is wobbling around the living room like frankenstein because she is so ridiculously tired, and all you want to do is eat some dinner and lay down even though you are dripping with sweat--- what would you do?

If you were Whimsy, you would turn on a DVR'd episode of Sesame Street to keep the little one entertained, eat some dinner, and then promptly strip the baby down to her diaper so she can sleep in her Pack & Play in the middle of the living room. And then you'd go to bed.

Let's say that on Thursday morning you woke up to a house that had cooled down slightly (to a temperate 82 degrees! INSIDE THE HOUSE!) and your daughter is slightly ever-so-slightly CRANKY BEYOND BELIEF because she is over-tired and also HOT and you have a million things to get done including laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning out the cat box, yard work, and other housework-y things but it's SO DARN HOT that you can't even find the motivation to move let alone WORK and wouldn't a plastic kid's pool work wonders for both of you--- what would you do?

If you were Whimsy, you would ignore all house chores completely, sit in the dark living room with every window and drape closed, try to console the little girl as much as possible and then get crazy enough to venture out into the HEAT to go grocery shopping and ask too many stores if they happen to have any kid pools? Maybe? And then the store clerks would LAUGH IN YOUR FACE because you might as well be asking if they carry CHRISTMAS TREES in JULY with REAL LIVE ELVES FLYING AROUND ON WINGED PIGS.

Let's say that on Thursday afternoon while Alice is napping (fan going full blast directly on her person) you wander out into the FURNACE OF FIERY DEATH and find a fantastic package from the often hilarious and very sweet Shauna of Pickles and Dimes sitting on the SEETHINGLY HOT porch--- you are so excited to get it inside, and when you open it, it is filled to the gills with fantastically fun little surprises like Pop Rocks and a Slinky and a cute little notebook (with pens!) and a sweet 1001 Things to be Thankful For book and a big old tub of GUM and some bubbles for Alice and some gummy bears--- gummy bears which are so soft and glistening because they've been sitting in the heat, and you really should tear yourself away from the fun stuff because you have CHORES to do while Alice is sleeping--- what would you do?

If you were Whimsy, you would ignore the chores, lay down on your bed with a nice book and proceed to eat THREE-QUARTERS of the gummy bears.

Let's say that on Friday morning you awake to find that the heat has tapped off a bit and it's finally LIVABLE inside the house and you're really starting to feel GUILTY about not updating the blog but you still have so much stuff to process about the Denver trip, and you know that you're not going to do it justice until sometime next week but really really really you want to say SOMETHING on the blog even if it's just HI and HEY IT'S NICE TO BE BACK I MISSED YOU GUYS and also THANKS TO THE GUEST WRITERS FOR PINCH HITTING HERE ON THE CREAMERY and so you force yourself to sit down and start a blog entry and it really gets away from you on ALL KINDS OF LEVELS including WAY TOO MANY CAPS but there's only so much a person can do who is also trying to do laundry and play with a toddler and clean the house and stop herself from eating the rest of the gummy bears (down to about 20 of them left) but there's a diaper to be changed and it's just getting later and later in the morning--- what would you do?

If you were Whimsy, you'd post the thing and get back to that laundry.

So that's what this Whimsy did. And she really did miss you guys and is glad to be back. She will be much more sane after the weekend. Now. How are YOU? And what did you do this week?


M said...

Oh, I missed you.

What are you reading?

serenity now said...

Glad you're back and had--it sounds like--a fascinating time in Denver.

Pickles and Dimes said...

So the Gummi Bears were still bears (plural) and not one giant mass of gummified gunk? Yay!

Glad you liked the package!

Swistle said...

Winged pigs. Winged pigs winged pigs winged pigs. Winged. Pigs.

Anonymous said...

Whimsy is genius.

Cannot wait to see those pants finished that you're working on for that adorable baby. Will you make me some, too?

wandering nana said...

Welcome home. Now.... if you had asked me to take care of the cats, your house would have been cool (I would have turned on fans) and you wouldn't have had to clean the kitty litter, because I would have, because you see, that's what I do... "} I don't rest for a day when I get home from a trip, I take the whole week off. Which will be a real trick after camp.

Sara Hammond said...

I love your blog. Even though we didn't spend a lot of time socializing when we knew each other IRL, I couldn't tell you enough how glad I am to get a window into your brain every now and then when you open yourself to us. You have a talent with words and you often make me laugh and touch my heart. Thank you, more than I could ever express in words.