Thursday, July 16, 2009

grade 10: wasn't that the WORST CLASS EVER??!?!?!?

Sophomore yearbook. Now with more cat fluv.

What I've noticed from this horrible look back at my high school yearbooks is that as the years go on, the notes become less generic (but only by a tiny margin) and more angsty. With the DRAMA! And the sheer unadulterated HATRED for classes and teachers! And it was just ALL TOO MUCH! Also: there is someone out there posting MY yearbook notes on THEIR blog and I am being put to SHAME for the stupid things I said. (Never mind that - you simply need to look back at yesterday's comments and see what the dear KAY has posted. Good to know that she comes through in an OCD pinch and actually BRINGS OUT MY YEARBOOK RESPONSE.) What I've learned: We ALL said stupid things in high school. And then we wrote them down for posterity.

Before we visit Sophomore year with Whimsy, let me remind you that I'm doing Three for Friday tomorrow, and most likely this will be the last one. After that, I'll do it on a case-by-case basis. So! To round off our fun series of Three for Fridays, I'm asking that anyone who wants to play choose three of their OWN posts. And if you'd be so kind, include your reasons for choosing the three. Could be three favorites, could be three most memorable, could be three things that you wish you could forget. Just three. And why. Please let me know if you're playing either by commenting here, or emailing me at whimsyattack AT gmail DOT com. Remember, friends don't let friends play Three for Friday on their own.

Now then. On to GRADE TEN. (Oh the humanity)

Well Whimsy, That was one hell of a test. It's been a great year and I enjoyed getting to know you in History class. Too bad Mr. Lopez is such a BUTTHEAD! Oops, I capitalized my T's. There I go again. You know what I mean. Take care.
Your friend,

Whimsy: First, no Michael, I don't know what you mean. Second, the theme of sophomore year was my HATRED for my world history teacher, Mr. Lopez. The guy was a terrible teacher, to put it mildly. Case in point: he decided to skip over World War II in order to focus on "more important things". Um. He was small minded, completely inept, and used terrible grammar. He also said the same words and phrases over and over again. This was my way of surviving his class (and also ensuring wide-spread fame for myself): I kept a tally of his common phrases and how many times he said them over the course of the year. In the end, the answer was A LOT.

Whimsy, Hiya girl! Aren't you glad summer is finally here? I'm so glad I got to meet you this year. You're such a sweet person. I'm gonna miss your smile over the summer. Geometry was fun wasn't it? Mr. Lewin's pretty cool. Too bad we both lost our A+'s but we did make it through the year. I hope you have a really great summer. We worked hard enough for it.

Whimsy: I loved geometry. I was good at it. It made me happy. And that Ava person? Missing my smile? WHAT?

(Written under the Physics Club picture)
Whimsy, Here I am again in the Physics club. Have fun in the summer. This year is finally over, no more geometry. I'll be a senior next year and you'll be a little junior. Well it was nice knowing you. See you next year, maybe.

Whimsy: Um. I guess he was weird with the COMMITMENT of SEEING ME next year? Maybe?

Dear Whimsy, Since I'll see ya very frequently all the time this'll be short! I'm glad I know you 'cause you're so funny when you're upset. J/K. So pro-debater - whose your next victim? I'm glad we kinda had class together 'cause it was very uplifting to see ya! Good luck in debate, take care, and keep talkin'!


Whimsy: We went to church together, hence the comment about seeing each other all the time. What gets me is this whole "upset" stuff. Huh? I was both a FIRECRACKER and also RUDE. Or something. Check out the "J/K" thing. Oh my.

To Whimsy, First of all, have a nice and cool summer. Best of luck. I've enjoyed having you in my biology class and for being a cool friend. I hope I have you next year in a class & have the same fun we had this year in biology. As for right now, keep your head in the air & your heart sky high. K.I.T (includes phone number). Friends all the time,

Whimsy: Again with the mentioning CLASS! I think it's the only thing that people can say when they don't know what else to say! And that last part with the head and heart stuff? Do you think Alex put that in everyone's year book? Or was I special?

Dear Whimsy,
Well the year is already over. You know what that means no more Mrs. Carr. I'm really glad I got the chance to meet & become good friendz with you because your a great friend & biology partner. Have a great summer.
Love & friendship,
Spelling and weird punctuation in original note.

Whimsy: So Manny. I was NOT a good biology partner. I HATED biology and wasn't good at it in the least bit. I believe Manny thought I was a good partner because we were EQUALLY bad at it, and I had friends in the class who were NOT bad at biology and would help us to be LESS BAD. ...that "friendz" stuff? What is up with the switching a Z for an S?

Whimsy! Hello dear! How are things going? There is much ink in this pen. I wish ya the very bestest! Boy what a workout, huh? Whimsy, I'm so glad I got to meet ya!! Have loads of fun in PE! I really hope I see ya next - well Sept!

Whimsy: I think we had PE together. Hence the workout stuff. Huh.

Whimsy! Hi! Well, the year's almost over... we're going to be upperclassmen next year! I can't wait until finals are over! I'm so... scared of biology and world history! We survived Lopez's class! Wow! Well, thanks for being such a great friend! You better keep in touch! Have a great summer! Take care! And best wishes always! (heart)

Whimsy: She was a really nice girl! And she was really creative! And artistic! And used all kinds of colorful markers when she wrote in my year book!

Hope you have a great summer*
*Standard goodbye

Whimsy: At least he was honest.

To Whimsy: Have a great summer thinking about having Mr. Lopez for U.S. History next year. (Just kidding) See you next year. I hope we have some classes together.
Your friend,

Whimsy: Quite the jokester.

Hey Whimsy, Hi cutie! I'm glad that we got to be friends. I think that if I had never met you, I would have missed out on a fabulous girl! I'll be in touch over the years - at least as long as you're in (town I grew up in) and let me know where you are. Thanks for being you - I admire your character. You're a strong one.

Whimsy: Again, like so many others, I remember her not at all. Does this seem SAD to any of you, that there are so many people that I simply have FORGOTTEN? COMPLETELY?

Thus concludes our gut wrenching tour through Whimsy's sophomore year of high school. Tune in tomorrow for Three for Friday. And next week? I'll grace you with junior AND senior years. Because I'm a giver.


KAY said...

Okay, since you were kind enough not to post whatever banal thing I wrote in your yearbook, I won't go grab my Vol. 76 of the Alhambran.

Anyway, I can really see the heartfelt and deep personal attachments you're forming in high school.

Actually, I was having a painful time re-visiting my yearbook. First, it was eyestrain. People wrote over pictures with not-quite opaque inks. My mother gasped when she saw this. "$60 for a yearbook amnd people wrote ON the pictures?" Second, you have to be a cryptologist to read the handwriting and the bizarre abbreviations. Third, I can't remember some people -- even after I looked at their picture. Talk about KIT with my FF.

Whimsy said...

And that would be why I didn't post KAY's sophomore yearbook note: I couldn't read it. Between the marker and the writing going on behind? I was lost.

I've got my fingers crossed for Junior year, though.

Pickles and Dimes said...

OK, I can't stop laughing at: "There is much ink in this pen."

HAHAHAHHA. Like a cryptic fortune cookie!

wandering nana said...

Well, it does sound like people liked you and seemed to all hope that you would be in their class the next year. My favorite was from a guy that I was dating and he wrote this "love" letter. Very fun for the rest of the world to read... I really didn't like it then either.... I think a week later it ended. I must admit, I loved High School. I still have my yearbooks... just don't know where they are... maybe that is for the best. Love these posts.

artemisia said...

Ok, this is just FUNNY. What a hoot.

I don't even KNOW where my yearbooks are. And I never got one my senior year. There is a story there. Maybe I will post about it.

Thanks for sharing. Oh, to be 15 again! (I'd rather not.)

M said...

He just didn't teach World War 2?!?

What the HELL kind of high school did you go to? I went to a mini-prison but at least we learned about WAR.

And the angst? I LOVE it.

I can't WAIT for junior year!

Oh, and I'll see your 3 for Friday and raise you a fort with a little boy in it

Swistle said...

It was "very uplifting" to see you.

Keeping "your head in the air & your heart sky high" gives me uncomfortable images of dangling, barely-connected body parts.

stacie d said...

OK I've been gone from the blogging world AND blog reading...but I think I'm back! And just in time for some good ol' AHS memories. These were great!

Did we write in each other's yearbooks? ***Don't take that as me hoping something LAME I wrote gets posted...I'm just wondering. :)