Friday, July 3, 2009

three things (the second)

Tomorrow we are fleeing the firestorm. How's that for overstatement? Actually, we're headed to a Fourth of July celebration that's held in a nearby town. The second best part is that we'll be staying in a hotel Saturday night. The best part is that we won't be coming home Saturday night. Why is this so good? Because we seem to live in the last corner of the Wild West where firearms and fireworks lovers roam free between the hours of 2pm to 4am July 4th through 5th. Think I'm overstating? Wandering Nana happens to live very close to my neighborhood, and last year she considered taking a tape recorder outside so that her family would believe the stories she told afterward - mainly along the lines of OH HOLY MOLY WHEN WILL THE NOISE STOP. My description of our neighborhood being the last corner of the Wild West isn't too far from the truth, since we actually live in an unincorporated section of our county. It's like no one wants to claim us or something. Misfits! All of us!

That, and everyone buys fireworks and fireworks and yet more fireworks (from local Indian reservations - consider the irony) to fully reenact those battles for independence (or so I like to believe... tangent: Chip and I have different worldviews and really mine can be summed up in GLASS HALF FULL when it comes to people and their intentions - I really do want to believe that people buy all the fireworks to at least approximately celebrate our country's independence; Chip, on the other hand, tells me that it's just about blowing stuff up and drinking lots of beer.) So tomorrow we're fleeing the wild west to celebrate in the more settled and civilized proper King County. We will be joining crowds of humanity as they view the night sky with slack-jawed optimism watching the sanitized, regulated, and much more contained fireworks explode overhead. Just as our forefathers intended.

I'm excited to be fleeing the noise. Last year I was thisclose to personally launching some bottle rockets into some thick teenage skulls, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

So. In my two-week-old effort to rid the blogosphere of a drought (imagine I threw "pernicious" in there for good measure and to drive a certain reader crazy - ha!)--- here are my Three for Friday picks, fresh off the picking truck:

I have a blog-crush on Kacy who is so funny and also an acquired taste. But I think you'll like to read this post, I don't know about you. It made me laugh out loud. If you're still in a Kacy mood, keep reading the rest of her blog.

This is actually a RECENT entry, like WEDNESDAY RECENT. I'm so proud. To share this post from Karen Schindler - another VERY FUNNY one. I'm on a funny kick this week, can you tell? I think I'm going to post three great advice links next week. Now go read Karen's post about a giant spider.

And number three is this post from Nutmeg at Simply Nutmeg. When I walk by this particular item at Target (or Walgreens or the grocery store or see it on tv or EVERYWHERE), I think of Nutmeg. I have a feeling she wouldn't want to be brought to mind for this item, but what's a person to do. When someone writes something this funny about, um, this thing, she's bound to it.

And more, from these fine folk (if you're wanting to participate today and you didn't say so earlier, comment here and I'll link you - OR if you did notify me earlier and I spaced and didn't list you anyway, let me know - and then forgive me because I'm so beautiful):

More Three for Friday goodies:

M at Burnstopia
Amy at One Day at a Time (not a slacker!)

Happy Friday, dudes, and Happy Independence Day! Please be careful and no one do anything crazy like cradling a firecracker in your hand. How about you swing some sparklers in the air and then light those charcoal-y snake things on the ground. (Do they even sell those anymore? The looked like little pellets and you'd light them and watch as they just sort of grew before your very eyes. Sometimes they belched out colorful smoke. It wasn't interesting in the least. And yet, we got them every year.)

We'll be doing this whole Three for Friday thing again next Friday - stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Remember the smell of those charcoal snake thingys? My dad always made me do them on a board b/c otherwise they left a death print on the sidewalk.

Enjoy your weekend!

Amy said...

Dude. Did you delete me? Mine's up now. I know I'm a slacker but it's done! :) Happy 4th!

kately said...

ok, i have tears in my eyes from supressing laughter as I read Nutmeg's post about the Ped Egg. That was HYSTERICAL! Thanks for including that in your Friday 3-fer. I think I'll stay up all night, midst the glow of the laptop reading the blogs and supressing giggles while my husband sleeps soundly next to me and baby girl sleeps soundly in her room... ah the life ;-)