Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the world according to... Stacie

Whimsy & I were set up on a play date in 1984. I say "set up" because it felt like a blind date - we didn't know each other but our Moms thought we'd have fun together and it was handy for the summer since we lived around the block from each other. Next thing you know, I was spending the night at her house almost every weekend, sliding down the stairs in our sleeping bags, playing A&S Computers (our fake business, of course) etc etc.....and the rest is history!

We used to write endless letters to each other in multiple notebooks that we'd pass back & forth or leave in each others' lockers at school. I dug one up from 1989 and noted a few of the very important things we had to discuss:

Whimsy: You & ItalicI ought to ask our parents if there's anything we could do for money. For example, we could wash windows at my house and get paid. Then we could have money for the Dream A Little Dream soudtrack! Good idea, huh?

Stacie: Remember how back in 5th & 6th grade they MADE you use cursive and we died cuz we wanted to print so bad? Now we can do whatever we please!

Whimsy: I was just talking to Chad & Mimi about PE shorts. They're yucky. PE shorts, that is.

Stacie: I'm using the markers you gave me. I love them. Thank you. Thank you for EVERYTHING. If you ever have to go into the hospital, I'll buy you lots of nice things, too.

Luckily I haven't had to make good on that last promise...but I would still buy her lots of nice things, just like she did for me!! I had to have major back surgery at the age of 14. Many of the memories are blurred or hidden away, but one thing I remember very well is when Whimsy & Momma Whimsy came to visit me in the hospital. They had all kinds of treasures to cheer me up and keep me busy. One of the gifts was a huge stuffed pig that I wanted so badly from Mervyn's. That pig was such a comfort to me for the rest of my hospital stay and I'm not kidding when I say I have slept with it ever since! That darn pig is 19 years old and in my bed right now. (P.S. Please don't tell anyone about that. It's our secret now. Thanks.)

What I'd like to say is that Whimsy is the kind of friend that will give you a pig when you really need it. And by "pig" I mean comfort, love, friendship and a smile! Anyone reading this blog knows she's an amazing woman, but I can testify that she was just as amazing as a young girl. I treasure our memories -- even when we'd bicker like sisters or when I accidentally hit her on the head with the tether ball and she ignored me until I finally just went home. HA! -- and I look forward to all the memories we still have to make!

I will leave you with a photo from the archives...

I'm honored to be part this fun series!! And yes, I have a mullet in that picture.

Love you, Whimsy!
Stacie Racie


Whimsy said...


Okay then, maybe not. You're awfully cute in your mullet. And dude, THOSE NOTEBOOKS. I need to see if I can find any at my place. I see another series in my future...

You're very sweet, Stacie Racie. I'd happily buy you a dozen more pigs.

M said...

Man, I'm jealous! You got to know Whimsy when she was little!

Did you know her when she had the 48 hamsters? I find myself wishing I could have been a kid in her class during the Reign of the 48 Hamsters, I totally would have thought she was AWESOME. But then I probably would have been to shy to speak to someone so AWESOME and therefore would not have known her after all.

I wish I had had a friend like you Stacie Racie, or Miss Whimsy when I was a kid.

stacie d said...

Aww you're sweet! We would have welcomed you into our little crazy world!! As long as you liked Legos, Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids and interior design. :)

I knew some hamsters... The best was Scroungy, who would ride around in her pocket.

KAY said...

So sweet! A fantastic recollection of childhood friendship.

And ohmygosh that's a lot of Cabbage Patch Dolls. I hope that there'll be a picture like this with REAL kids (and no mullets, may they never come back in style)!

Amanda said...

STACIE! Fancy meeting you over here! What a great post about friendship!

The Importance of being Allen said...

Stacie!!! That was fabulous! I remember you and Whimsy playing with those dang cabbage patch dolls.

You are great and I am so glad that you and Whimsy have remained such good friends. I love you Stacie.

stacie d said...

I love you too, Kimmie! My childhood would NOT have been the same without your entire family & my second home on Raymond Ave!!