Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perspective from an altitude of 6'2"

My wife writes things about me. It’s funny sometimes to see her perspective on our conversations after I have separated myself from being in the moment. I thought I would set a few things straight, and give you insight to the part-time whimsical muse.

Just about anyone who I have spent more than 20 minutes with, I remember.

I see a lot of strange and interesting things in my travels. Today I saw an elderly man who was turning into the Walmart parking lot off of Hwy 99. He was using hand signals while making the turn, in his motor-powered wheelchair. (Though a motor-powered wheelchair resembles a Smart Car,… it is not)

I don’t understand people who think that growing out as much facial hair as they possibly can makes them more sexy. Especially the young skinny mousy dudes. Do these people realize that the “Goatee” was named after the facial hair of a goat. (I bet the term got started when someone made fun of a young skinny mousy dude calling him a goatee)

Purell is so important to the whole world

Realtors who need a GPS device to plan out their day make me nervous about their knowledge of the areas they serve. I feel the same way about any professional that uses equipment for stuff they ought to know and do (IE: steroids, calculators for simple math, or anything that makes a person look incompetent for the job they are getting paid to do)

I do not understand Mosquitos or deep sea creatures with the huge gaping teeth

I believe in aliens,… but I think they are about as clueless as we are,… think about it. (The first thing we do when going to the moon or landing on Mars is we collect samples. We look for life as we know it, and not how it could actually be)

The above statement is more of a side note about me, and not a defining characteristic. However knowing something like this can give a person insight to the conversations that happen around our house every now and then

I need goals, otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done.

I grew up with a park out front of my house,.. I venture to say that park saved my life

Some of you know me, and some have gotten to know me by the small excerpts that Whimsy has deemed worthy to quote. When we talk about my personal life before I met her, my wife refers to me as the “Serial Dater” which I have to agree with. My relationships never lasted more than 2 straight months, with very few exceptions. I really felt I had an unreasonable expectation when it came to women, but mostly I couldn’t believe that anyone would want me for more than a small amount of time. So when I met Whimsy, it happened quick, it happened respectfully, and within 4 months we were married. I felt like I had known her forever. I never got butterflies, the first kiss felt natural like we had finally achieved recognition. I didn’t feel like I was going to die without her, however it didn’t feel right not being next to her. Still to this day I am myself around her,.. only I’m my better self. I value a number of qualities.

Whimsy is Beautiful, and she is semi graceful in heels
Whimsy is honest and sincere
She is a true friend, and would blindly defend her friends even if they were wrong
She is never bored, mostly because she has always got something going on
She has a world of experience, but lives for the simpler life
She thinks of others almost 95% of the day. If she is busy, it’s normally in some type of service to another
She is an artist, with a vocabulary and composition that is equally creative
She is a natural when it comes to being a mom.
I love the way she sings, and she sings to Alice every night
She believes everything I say, which means I push myself to be the man she deserves
She is patient and enduring
She challenges me, and I dig that
I am and will continuously strive to be a better man, because that's what she does for me as a woman and mother
She is my soul mate, and I never thought that existed. (Aliens yes, Soul Mates no… go figure) I’m a believer

All the girl-stuff, and mental excess that comes with being married, or being in a relationship, is worth the price of my efforts and more. You can’t have the good without the bad, otherwise a person would create good and bad for balance sake. However at first what I felt was compromise, has turned into acceptance. She would have done well without me, and I never forget that.


M said...

Thank you, Chip.

This is lovely. I'm so glad you were persistent. I'm so glad you understand her. Thank you for looking out for her.

I was telling Samwise the other day about how amazing it is to hear the Husband pray for her. And the same holds true for Whimsy. Because at the end of the day, he doesn't really know them. He loves them because I love them. And that's an extraordinary thing. Thank you for accepting all of us who so love Whimsy. Thank you for letting us love her.

How are those Hilton Gold card points coming along?

Swistle said...

Oh, I LOVVVVVE fast-courtship stories! LOVE!

Also, to Whimsy: I LOVE those little ruffle jeans in the righthand margin. Can you please explain why you do not have an Etsy shop kthanx.

Pickles and Dimes said...

So beautiful. Well done, Chip.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Great, great post. You don't happen to have a gay, single, Northeastern sister, do you? :)

Also, what Swistle said about the jeans.

Kristi said...

This is the best thing I've read in a while! I agree with Swistle, fast courtship stories are so great and those ruffled jeans are super cute!!!

KAY said...

Ahhh.. Fabulous work Chip.
(And ditto on the ruffled jeans!)

Sibley Saga .... said...

Thanks for taking care of the Whimsy. We need her.

It was nice to hear the perspective of such a high altitude. Hee. I too had a fast courtship. One of the reasons I married that boy is that it was so natural, and easy. We fit together well. We got married 6 months after our first date and I was pregnant by our 1 year wedding anniversary. Crazy by some standards and yet it was perfect for us.

Whimsy said...

Oh my. I don't think I could have done any better than you, my dearest.

And what the HECK is a guy in an electric wheelchair doing DRIVING in TRAFFIC ON THE HIGHWAY without a proper turn signal? The least he could have done is outfit his chariot with a blinker. Sheesh.

Rebecca said...

I agree that too much facial hair is unsexy. I also agree that your wife is an excellent writer - I'm big fan!

Also, every time I use and see Purell I think of your major germ phobia - LOL!! Never met someone who was so scared of germs. Hilarious. I put my feet on pillows in your honor, haha!

Also, p.s. I believe in Aliens too - have you ever seen Steven Spielberg's mini-series Taken ? It's a MUST SEE! It solidified my belief in Aliens. You and your wife go rent it, right now. It's AMAZING!

Heidi said...

Oh wow--what a touching post! You two are such an awesome couple.