Monday, July 6, 2009


Sweaty weather. Less-clothes-is-more weather. Wishing-for-air-conditioning weather. Grilling-in-the-great-outdoors weather. Melty ice cream weather. Can't move weather. Please-open-the-windows weather. Don't-open-the-windows weather. Dry grass weather. Burning-up weather. Limp weather. Hide-out at the mall/movie theater/underneath the neighbor's car weather. Popsicle weather.

Whimsy's Fruity Frozen Ice Pops

Take one Ikea shaped ice cube tray
Fill it with your favorite 100% organic juice (our choice, at least)
Remove ice pops from tray and store in plastic bags in freezer

Feed fruity frozen ice pops to teething toddler and barely moving husband (couch bound, with added headache from HEAT)


Sibley Saga .... said...

Mango popsicles? Excellent. I'm coming to your place. We're having that same weather here in New Mexico.

I wish I could come visit-but being pregnant in that sort of weather seems to MAGNIFY the INTENSITY of it all.

Eleanor Q. said...

Homemade popsicles remind me of summer as a kid. I used to eat them with my best friend as we lay on the grass in my backyard looking up at the sky.

I'm glad you're having fun in the heat.

Alice said...

i am not teething, nor do i have a headache, but i WANT one of those popsicles.