Thursday, July 2, 2009

shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen

Despite several warnings
to the contrary, all of my shoes still fit me. I don't have new tastes for foods that had always been awful or delicious. As before, I still hate cilantro with the white-hot intensity of a thousand burning suns (a certain blogger calls it the Devil's herb and who am I to argue with her). I still love sour cream onion dip like the day is long. I don't have any new allergies. I don't sleep differently or wear my clothes in a way that would indicate my hips had shifted or something (though seriously, let's not talk about the size, okay?). Even though an old boss of mine insisted that the entire composition of my skin would change after pregnancy (magically transforming from chronic dry, dry-as-the-sahara-dry, dry dry dry DRY to something more along the lines of normal dry) - it hasn't. Same old skin. Same old massive investment in too many bottles of lotion.

What I do have, what I continue to experience is this: MASSIVE GROUP HAIR EXODUS. Has this happened to any of you out there? Hair as thick and full and lush as can be while gestating the Bean. And a few months after her birth - goodbye to hair in thick handfuls. Scary large handfuls. And then it sort of tapered off... back to normal amounts. But every few months, I get this Massive Group Hair Exodus again.

My theory? Because so much hair did the Planned Exit at once after Bean was born, the hair that grows in and later falls out is all on the same growing/falling out schedule, if you get my meaning.

It's weird.

I'm weird for sharing this with you.

Though I am now challenging you to tell me your weird Thursday thing. Whatever that might be.

Also: reminder that tomorrow a bunch of us are doing Three for Friday. If you want to join in, email me at whimsyattack AT gmail DOT com. Or comment tomorrow on the post, which also works. Hopefully I won't be BALD by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The hair falling out thing freaked me out. Mostly b/c I found it to be disgusting.

I was told I'd grow long luxurious nails and have a thick shiny mane of hair. Instead I got Fred Flinstone feet that puffed up beyond what I would have thought possible. Not so sexy.

Kristi said...

OMG, Whimsy. You just solved a huge mystery of my life. The same growing/falling out schedule has got to be the reason behind the Massive Group Hair Exodus that I have going on right now. Granted my daughter is almost 7, so it might not totally apply, but I'm using your theory for the reason that my shower drain is consistantly clogged.

I refuse to believe that it's because I'm getting older and my hair is thinning naturally like my mom's did. (Thank god for the super massive amount of thick hair i have or i might be FREAKING. OUT.)

Rose said...

Hehe about the Fred Flintstone feet! :)

About the hair, I'm sure there's SOMETHING you can do. If I think of it, I'll let you know.

My weird Thursday thing. I don't wear anything that reveals my legs. I wear pants, or tall boots, or black tights. The reason is because I have this weird obsession with plucking leg hair. I don't yank it ALL out... just sometimes when I'm bored or stressed. Anyway, it leaves scars... you'd figure I'd stop. My once beautiful legs don't look that great anymore, so I hide them!

Eleanor Q. said...

My weird post pregnancy thing: A butt cramp on my left side that is so painful if I'm sitting I can't get up and if I'm standing I cant move. Happens spontaneously and goes away after a few embarassing minutes. No idea why, can't find a cause, always in the same spot on my left.

I do think you're correct in your assessemnt of the growth/falling out pattern.

Alice said...

i'm kind of terrified to get pregnant for many reasons, but this hair one is actually one of them. i have suuuuuch fine hair, and so little of it, that if it feels the need for an exodus (or several) post partum, i shall be BALD.