Wednesday, July 22, 2009

grade 12: where are they now?

In which Whimsy predicts the whereabouts and vocation of many of her high school classmates. Also her brain explodes from all this intense introspection.

Which brings us to senior year... a short explanation: after three years of basic avoidance of any and all school activities (except for debate), our heroine decides to Get Involved and runs for a student government office (Director of Performing Arts). It wasn't even just a lark-let's-run-for-student-government-and-then-not-do-anything-if-I-get-elected thing. I had a platform. ANYWAY. I got elected. I had fun. I met people. I fulfilled my campaign promises (held arts events on campus! poetry reading! film festival! there was a prize: THE GOLDEN DONUT!). Anyway, that's your brief glimpse into dorky high school Whimsy.

Moving on.

hello! how are you? i'm really glad i got to met you in executive. you've been such a caring person to everyone. keep on smiling. good luck in college.
director of pep

Whimsy's career prediction for Laura: Public relations.

Dear Whimsy,
Well it's been tons of maniacal fun knowing you. You are such a sweet person. Thanks for listening to me when I had all those problems (i.e. about Kim). Whimsy, I hope some day you find a real good man and marry and raise kids. Maybe some day our paths will cross again, but if they don't, take care.
Love and best wishes in both life and love,
The One & Only Zack
P.S. I hope you can read this!

Whimsy: Well our friend The Zack is back. This time a much more tempered and humble Zack. A Zack that has seen another year pass him by without receiving any notification from "Kim" that she returns his deep love. Poor Zack. Isn't it UNCANNY that he predicts I will marry a good man and raise kids? It's like he's SEEN MY LIFE or something. Except the part about "kidS" seeing as how we're just currently raising one. His mention of kids makes it sounds like we should be raising sugar beets or barley or something.
Whimsy's career prediction for Zack: Hair stylist. He was always much too preoccupied with hair: be it mine in junior year, or this Kim, who was a blond. He was very interested in her hair.

Hi Whimsy!
It's been a pleasure knowing you this year. Too bad I didn't have a lot of time to get to know you better. Cheers! Anyways, you're a sweet & terrific friend, debater, and captain! Congratulations for making it through four whole years of high school. Best of luck in whatever you do. I'm sure you'll be very successful! C-U around whenever & wherever. Keep in touch!
(includes address)

Whimsy: I'm not sure if I can venture a career prediction for Kathleen, since I remember her (say it with me now) NOT AT ALL. But I'm sure she's very successful!

Well, well, well. Whimsy, it's been a long six years to be in school with you. Not that it has been boring but all those years were just long. You were one of the people that made every year endurable. Ever since sixth grade, you were one of the welcoming faces that made me comfortable. Now I look at you, and I see a real woman in front of me. Try real hard to be that role model that you are to so many people. Good luck in school, life, and everything else.

Whimsy: A genuinely nice guy, this Brian dude. And I am choose to believe the "woman" comment isn't The Randy, it's just him being a geriatric senior. (Why is it that even now, a 17/18-year-old kid calling another 17/18-year-old kid a "woman" sounds a little ANYWAY. Brian was a very nice guy. And is still a nice guy, because he wrote me on Facebook just last week. Out of the blue. I would tell you what he's doing now, but I don't know. Because I haven't written him back yet. Brian is probably in mid to upper management at a large corporation. Or a dentist. I don't know why.

I must say for not being a cheerleader you have so much school spirit. Thanks for all your support! I hope you enjoyed McCrea's class as much as I did!! I wish I had been on Executive with you! Good luck! KIT! (includes phone number)

Whimsy: Unlike yours truly, Michelle was a cheerleader. My prediction: Michelle is now enjoying a fulfilling career in anything besides career counselor or human resources. I did not have any school spirit. None. I sort of hated my school. But I really did like McCrea's class.

Dear Whimsy,
(written over a large picture of people I don't remember) Well I really hope that I'm not writing over friends of yours1 Sorry if I am. Well I've only known you for two years and have had but one class with you... not to talk about the bad things which have happened int he past, but I truly hated Mr. Abbott... he was the worst teacher in the history of teachers. What class was that? oh yeah, CHEMISTRY!!! The only class in which the highest grade I received was a C. Anyway, you've been the greatest friend to me. You took time out of your extremely busy executive schedule to make beaded flower bracelets for me. THANX! You also helped me with chemistry. Remember the attempted studying you, Xochitl, and I did at my house? Anyway thanks for being a great friend. I hope you're successful & prosperous in everything you do. Have a bright future! Love & friendship,
KIT (phone number)

Whimsy: And we've got Dariya mentioning the beloved CHEMISTRY again. It was pretty much as bad as she says, sorry to admit. But are we detecting any sarcasm about the busy executive schedule? Also: I HAVE NO MEMORY OF GOING TO HER HOUSE TO STUDY. None at all. And I think I'd remember going to someone's house... anyway. I predict Dariya found her vocation in fashion design. She was also a part-time swim instructor.

You are an awful friend...
You are an acquaintance...
You are an above-average friend...
You are an AWESOME friend...
Come back and judge. Maybe I'll fondle a magazine for ya.
Luv & friendship,
P.S. State was fun! (faith in Randy & New Dick's)

Whimsy: Chock full of inside jokes that I sort of remember... but Albert was a super-smart young dude who was on the debate team with me. In this case, I was the geriatric senior. I'm sure I gave him smarmy advice. And then told him to go away. Now? Whimsy's prediction for Albert is that he is a very fancy attorney who is making his way into politics. Though a future in magazine publishing is also a possibility. (the fondling thing just is... weird)

This is not my pen. Bye, Kim.
Ha ha! You thought that was all, but you're wrong. I'm really glad I got to know you because you're really sweet---and dedicated. You put up with a lot in Arts Committee, but I'll have you know that was my favorite club because believe it or not I think we actually accomplished things (does that give you any idea of how bad the other clubs I'm in?). Keep in touch and I hope you had fun trying to read this.

Whimsy: Please note this is NOT the "Kim" of The Zack's previous notes. Different Kims, folks. This one was very nice. And quite the comedian!

Whimsy (full name, middle name, last name),
I'm very proud to be signing Whimsy Full Name Middle Name Last Name's yearbook. After all, you're the only Whimsy Full Name Middle Name Last Name on earth... That shows just how special you are. You'll probably take your special "Whimsyness" to the university of life! I'll miss you so much... when you're on the NY Time bestseller list and I'll write asking for 10% of royalties for some traumatizing experience in high school--- you better give it to me! Your debating butt won't save you then!!!

Whimsy: She really liked my name. A lot. But she was really sweet. I happen to know, through comment sources that she is an environmental engineer (or something fancy along those lines). It makes sense. Very earthy girl, our Kia.

Are you scared about being commencement speaker? I sure am. I'm scared to reveal myself to the entire senior class! I'm so glad we were on Exec together. It was a great way to get to know you. And I'm glad you like U2 also. You're such a cool person because of it. Wasn't the concert the greatest, most memorable experience of your life? It was for me. And isn't Bono a babe? Larry Mullen is, too. Hee-hee. Don't eat too many Keebler elf snacks. Pretty soon your voice will start changing and you'll start growing pointy ears.
Hoping you'll remain human,
Sandra (hearts) Bono

Whimsy: Sandra clearly became a dietitian.

Have a great year, enjoy college, and have a nice peaceful life.
Your friend,

Whimsy: William went on to become a very successful speech writer.

Annnnnnd that ends our tour through Whimsy's high school yearbooks. There are thoughts to be shared, and things to talk about, and ruminating to do. But the Whimsy is FRIED. Also, she is now headed off to Facebook to see if she can track down her debate partner who wrote such a long yearbook note (SIX PAGES, I'm not kidding - in TINY WRITING), it is making the Whimsy feel bad that they lost touch.

See you on the other side, kids. Tomorrow: the first installment of THE WOLRD ACCORDING TO...


nutmeg said...

Hands down, Albert is my favorite. I have a bunch of notes in my own yearbook that say, "you are so sweet...blahblahblah." Did these people pick up the wrong yearbook? I'm just not that sweet!

Pickles and Dimes said...

The Sandra one is the best!

Eleanor Q. said...

I personally like all the career predictions. I wonder how right you are?

M said...

I miss you, for you rock.


Anonymous said...

I have GOT to find my old yearbooks.

"maniacal fun" - not a phrase I used often in high school, but then Iowa isn't very progressive.