Monday, January 7, 2008

i really wish i was making this up

Things I've said to Chip in the last few weeks:

- You really need to go around with a q-tip and a can of acetone to clean up the smudges of wall paint on the baseboards.

- Are you kidding me?! With the SHOES?! Left out in the ENTRY WAY?! (said as I simultaneously shriek with disgruntled shock and also step around my OWN shoes that are piled willy-nilly in the entry way)

- I need you to take this list SERIOUSLY. I know it's 4 pages long and includes things like "clean up paint smudges on baseboards with q-tip" - but this is SERIOUS business.

- Stop laughing at me.

- Focus!

- I'm not going to be distracted into cleaning out this closet. (said as I am actually cleaning out the

- I think we need to find a more effective method for organizing these business cards. They're everywhere. They need their own box. With labels.

- The most important thing I can do right now is to CLEAN OUT THIS BOX OF CAT TOYS.

Things I've left out in the last few weeks:

- Very cold and badly perspiring bottle of water ON THE LEATHER COUCH.

- Jar of peanut butter on the kitchen counter. Four or fives times in a single week.

- Slice of pizza and tupperware of milk (for morning bowl of cereal) on the floor by my desk at work. Overnight.

Things I have actually done in the last few weeks:

- Cleaned out a box of cat toys. Even though the "box" was actually an attractive basket that had a perfectly fine home in our living room. Just the fact that I KNEW that there were toys in there that could be donated or thrown away was enough to send me into a cleaning frenzy.

- Reorganized my hair bands, headbands, and barrettes.

- Reorganized the shelves that hang over the computer in the den. This included me attempting to arrange Chip's Darth Vader piggy bank in a more artful manner. I'll pause to let that one sink in.

- Filed, sorted, shredded, recycled, and dealt with more mail than should EVER pile up on a kitchen counter.

- Breathed an actual SIGH OF RELIEF when Chip and I made it to Home Depot to purchase a closet organizer thing (a claspy-hook thing to hang brooms & Swiffer on) just minutes before they closed - 9pm on a Saturday night. Because I HAD TO HAVE IT DONE.

- Watched excitedly as Chip installed the claspy-hook thing in the downstairs coat closet just minutes after we got home from Home Depot. After 9pm. On a Saturday night.

- Checked, double-checked, and reorganized the on-going typed to do list.

Happy Monday.


Artemisia said...

"- Checked, double-checked, and reorganized the on-going typed to do list."

I do this, too! In fact, double-checking and organizing the list is a permanent entry on the list!

Dear God.

Happy Monday to you, too!

Whimsy said...

YES. And YES! I have lists of my lists - and *sublists* that exist within the **master list**. I take list-making to a whole new level.

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone.

stacie d said...

sounds like someone is NESTING!!!!

Heidi said...

I agree with Stacie D--sounds like a serious case of nesting! :):)

Although... I'm still doing that and I haven't been pregnant for a while now. :)

tearese said...

when I was expecting, I'd go around picking up strings and flecks of lint off the carpet at 11:30 at night. So I know exactly what you're talking about.

Chip said...

My favorite was last night when I picked up the tv remote, at which point you straight picked the remote up out of my hand and said (in the most matter of fact voice) "OK Chip, Here is the TV remote."
Ultimately I am thankful you could help me identify the objects in my hand, cuz with everything going on in our lives, it can get confusing... I think Bean is going to have an amazing teacher! luv you

ailene said...

Darth Vader piggy bank? Yeah, I know about those items that you just wonder "what do I do with them?" If you come to our house, you'll see that Jared has a Montana Turd Bird prominently displayed on top of our television.

If you don't know what it is... it's a cow pie with feathers, pipe cleaners, and beady little eyes... made to look like a bird...

His mother says that if she comes over and sees it... she'll flush it down the toilet... I hope she comes soon.