Monday, January 21, 2008

strange bedfellows

First, thank you to everyone who participated in INQUIRY WEEK - it was incredibly helpful and also totally gratifying to hear back from so many of you (new and return readers alike). Thank you for playing - I'm sure there will be many more INQUIRY sessions in the weeks to come.

Until then, there's this...

Various food combinations that I've loved in the past 34 years:

- Grass and dirt (there are pictures of me enjoying this delicacy around 18 months)
- Grilled cheese sandwich and Miracle Whip (7 years old - it was a phase)
- Nilla Wafers and a tortilla (9 years old - another phase)
- Nilla Wafers with peanut butter and jelly (don't know when I first tasted this ambrosia, but dude: it's the best thing EVER)
- Cinnamon Pop Tarts and Tang (16 years old through adulthood - in my defense, we don't buy Tang, like, EVER, but when we do buy it, I dip cinnamon poptarts into a nice cold glass of the stuff. Don't judge me.)
- Chocolate frosting on graham crackers (again with the ambrosia... let the cocolate sort of settle into the graham crackers for a couple of hours before eating - so so so good!)
- Sausage and maple syrup (as long as I can remember)
- Sour cream/onion dip and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (sometime in the past 7 months)
- Toast and cereal: with lots of dipping the toast INTO the cereal/milk concoction (I'm sure I loved this from the moment I could EAT cereal - and I love it still to this day)

Your turn. I want to hear DETAILS of some of the weird food combinations you nuts have enjoyed eating.


ailene said...

I'm all for the sausage and maple syrup combination!!! :)

How about fried egg sandwiches with mayonnaise? I think they taste pretty good, but I think some people would think they are gross.

At this point in time, being pregnant and all, I like to put jalepenos on just about everything! :)

I remember making all kinds of peanut butter sandwich variations... peanut butter and chocolate sandwich, peanut butter and barbeque sauce sandwich...

Dipping French fries in a Wendy's frosty...

Oh... the weirdest thing I can ever remember liking was what I called "cheeseballs." I would get a piece of bread... mash it up until it was like dough... take a piece of cheese (like the Kraft American kind...) and roll it into a ball... I'd stick the cheese ball in the middle of the "dough" and wrap the "dough" around the cheese. Then I'd pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then I eat it. That went on for as long as we had bread and Kraft cheese slices! :)

tearese said...

apples and cheese, apples with oreo cookies, chocolate with orange juice, orangejuice poured over vanilla icecream (like a rootbeer float), corn chips with creamy clam chowder (I guess thats not too weird), tunafish and miraclewhip on ritz crackers, stuff like that.

stacie d said...

thanks to you, i also looove cereal & toast (frosted flakes with your mom's bread - awesome) and chocolate frosting on graham crackers. YUM! i think those were staples of our sleepovers.

i can't think of any of my own weird combos, but i know they exist. stay tuned, i'll be back with examples.

Pam's Place said...

I can't remember any weird combos of my own, but my daughter went thru a (very loooooooonnnng) stage of putting A-1 sauce on everything. On lettuce, on cottage cheese, on mashed potatoes. Virutally on anything that went into her mouth. I really wasn't a bad cook, honest. She gave up A-1 sauce when she got married and had to pay for it herself :-)

ailene said...

That orange juice/vanilla ice cream float thing sounds good Tearese... now I'm sad that we're out of orange juice!!! :(

The Wife said...

Weird food combinations? Moi? Never.


Cake IN milk. Not with. Not on the side. I want the cake sitting in a bowl of milk...this is my favorite thing du jour.

Cole slaw and mashed potatoes...not mixed together but side by side, yummy.

Soy sausage and well, anything. That stuff is just good. Grits with cheese and texas pete. and French Fries and dill pickles...together. YUM.

you love me.

Whimsy said...

Here's a couple more that I thought of last night:

- Nacho cheese Dorritos stacked INSIDE a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (can also use sour cream & onion chips in a pinch)

- Cool ranch Dorritos stacked INSIDE a tuna sandwich (I'm picky about this - who wouldn't be - the cool ranch can really only go with tuna, it doesn't work with pb&j)

- French fries stacked INSIDE a hamburger, like an extra condiment

ailene said...

Oh whimsy... me too! I love chips inside my sandwiches!!!!! :D

Lauren said...

Green Olives and Beer. Not in, just with. Yum.