Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i spy with my little eye

Amidst this fantastic fabric.

A Fergus.

Yes, most definitely a Fergus.

He seems a little... irritated.

Or is it just me?

I can't say that I've ever captured the true Fergus Essence like this picture does. Do you SEE the Feline Spockgus? The pointy-eared-don't-touch-me-you-may-only-look-and-by-the-way-WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOING-ON-MY-BED persona that is Fergus? It's all there in this picture.

Let me also tell you that this guy really dodged a bullet yesterday. He and Fat Pants (aka The Phoebus)... We found out that Bean is allergic to cats. Really allergic to cats. But! Because she's grown up with them and isn't showing any allergic symptoms at this point (which the doctor told us he's seen before with infants who are raised around animals), we don't have to get rid of the cats. He said it just like that. If she does start to develop asthma symptoms... we'll talk about it if it happens. But it probably won't. My mom (LOVE YOU MOM) reminded me that the cats aren't getting any younger... and they probably won't be around for much longer... (insert obvious discussion of cat death here).

Anyway! Moving on! To other, much lighter subjects! SOY IS BACK ON THE MENU, DUDES. In limited quantities. Also back on the menu, as long as it's absolutely free of other fishy products: salmon and cod. The peanut allergy, however, has been confirmed: absolute, undeniable, no question about it. But we already knew that. So all in all: EXCELLENT NEWS!

Not that Fergus appreciates that at all.

I think he just wants me to leave him alone.

Except for some belly scratches.


M said...

What is it about the birth of children that leads everyone to bring up the imminent demise of the pre-child pets?

There's been no discussion of allergies here and people are still bringing it up.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad that Alice is not showing cat allergy symptoms.

Randomly, four years after getting cats, Zack sported symptoms that we tried so hard to control but in the end the doc said the cats had to go and Zack was so much better for it. Poor kitty cats. :(

Rose said...

Yep, the cat looks evil!

So glad that Alice can start having some the foods on the previously restricted list! The peanut allergy is a scary one though!

Eleanor Q. said...

Can we discuss those beautiful fabrics and your future craft projects because those are some good lookin' yards you have there.

As for Bean: I'm glad you have some more solid answers to work with and hopefully the appointment wasn't too horrid. Plus, you can keep the cats.

~Aimee~ said...

Hooray for the Bean! Sounds like lots of good news!! :-D I am happy for you guys.

Anonymous said...

YAY! About the soy -- that is great news! and yeah, I've had allergies to cats and dogs my whole life, but since I, too, grew up with them, I didn't show signs until I moved out of my parent's house and was sans animals for a few years. When I would get around them after that point, I would SNEEEEEEZE. But now with a dog always in the house, I am back to being ok with her. Other animals, though -- cause me to sneeze if I haven't been around them a lot. I'm also allergic to bunnies, hampsters and horses - BIG TIME. K8

stacie d said...

Is Fergus the one that had a favorite box? That box was so funny and whichever cat it was loved it so darn much. HA!

angelalois said...

Everytime I see Wesley fall all over the cat and lick her fur and walk away with a faceful of cat hair I shudder because if it was me: awful allergic reaction pronto. But luckily he is OK. I am stunned. I'm glad Beanie is doing OK with the felines. The little toddlers just love them, no?