Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is one of those posts-in-pieces, where nothing makes sense as a whole but there are a lot of little bits that I want to say.

For instance, the other night I had a dream that Courtney Cox was living in a world where everyone looked perfectly normal and human except for their FEET, which looked like Ent Feet. And everyone turned out to be giant-sized which didn't really pose a problem because everyone was big like that. So really, it was exactly like Earth, but bigger (don't ask me how I knew, I just did). Oh and also? People didn't go through the front doors of their houses, they somehow got sucked underneath the doors and then slid up and down these huge conveyer belts inside their houses. So really really - it wasn't exactly like Earth. Not at all.

Something else: we arrived in New Mexico yesterday. We all survived the various treks across country and the rental car driving and toddler wrangling, but due to that, we are all a little worse for wear. I'm not speaking for me and Bean alone, but more along the collective we. We (again with the collective) will be doing what we call taking it easy today and also laying low. Which means that we're not leaving the hotel except to go to the grocery store.

I can tell you this so far about New Mexico: BEAUTIFUL. And more specifically about Santa Fe: I have never seen so many pueblo-buildings in my life. I've seen a pueblo-Target and a pueblo-Les Schwab. I've seen a pueblo-Howard Johnson and you know what? Our hotel is all pueblo'd out. I'm taking pictures for show and tell.

Lastly, there is this sort of SECRET that I've been holding in for a few days and it's killing me, so I'm just going to say it and then we'll discuss details later: THERE HAS BEEN A PLAIN WHITE BOX SIGHTING. I'm not kidding, you guys. The Plain White Box. IS STILL IN CIRCULATION. I got an email from a very nice lady in Minnesota on Saturday night and I couldn't stop SMILING. Then I talked to Chip about it ad nauseum. And then I emailed Swistle. All because I am just so hysterically excited that this thing I started off eighteen months ago is still going. The very nice person who has it is going to post a contest this week WITH PICTURES OF THE BOX. So when she does, I'll let you guys know. Because I want one of you to win it and keep this thing going. (She's also going to tell me where it's been, because one of the box rules was to write your city and state (and country) inside the box lid. I'm excited about this. As you can see.

Now besides the Plain White Box, what are you guys excited about? The Olympics? I'm excited about the darn Olympics. It's like a TICK with me, I just love the Olympics. It happens every time, and I can't get enough of them, especially the more obscure sports. You can bet I will be watching some curling (I like to image how they work out for that sport. Do they scrub gas grills? Or frantically wax floors? Are there special curling work outs and curling shoes? I really want to know.


Amanda said...

I have a friend whose husband is in to curling. I'll have her stop by and give you all the curling details (not that you couldn't just google that stuff, but it's more fun to connect bloggy buddies)

Chadillac said...

I get excited about the Olympics. I get excited about going to Costco. I get excited for a change in the seasons (any season). I get excited for new shoes. I get excited for sci fi movies.

Comin' through Denver on your way home?

Alicia @ bethsix said...

I love New Mexico. Love it.

Your dream is like that episode of the Twilight Zone where all the people are pig people, and the one really attractive woman is the misfit that disgusts everyone. Well, okay, SORT OF.

I want to win that plain white box like my life depends on it.

Swistle said...

BESIDES the Plain White Box? I've got nothing.

I WANT TO WIN IT. I also keep having ideas like we could get MORE PWBs circulating!---but part of the charm of the PWB is that it's the ONLY ONE.

Okay, I'm also excited to choose the yarn for my next hotpad. I'm excited to go see Niestle again. I'm excited that now everyone knows I'm plump so I can post pictures whenever I want without worrying that it's The Big Reveal. I'm excited about the fudge that's cooling in a sink of cold water.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I'd be laughing at anything today because it's been an incredibly hard day, but ..... "frantically waxing floors to train for the Olympic Curling event????" That's hysterical, my friend. Thanks for making me laugh today. I needed it. Love, K8