Thursday, January 7, 2010

i'm just really stressed about the bake sale* (now with pictorial evidence)

Oh HAI! We need to talk about poop.

It would seem that I've left you guys hanging on a number of Very Important Items the last couple of weeks. And I'm all about the follow-up, you know.

First: The Doughnuts.

Picture NOW shown above... even though it doesn't do the doughnuts justice and was the reason why I didn't post it with the entry in the first place. There's the purple one in the front of the photo that was the, um, grape flavored one. Which wasn't exactly to my choosing. Though Chip loved it. I loved the chocolate donut with the Cocoa Puffs (so chocolatey). I also loved the raised donut with vanilla icing and the Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries (so very weird, and also so very good). A note about the cereal topping: because it's something that is basically made to absorb moisture (aka milk), the cereal bits tend to get a little... soft... if they aren't consumed immediately. Final verdict for the doughnuts: we ate every single one, even though some were very well past their prime in the few days after purchase date. Winners, all. We will be sampling them again.

Second: The Muffin / Cupcake Debate.

I know, right? I still can't figure it out, and Swistle articulated it perfectly when she said that one is tempted to say that cupcakes have frosting - but then what about the crumble topping, which is basically a DRY form of frosting? A very perplexing thing.

Third: Delurking Day.

I still haven't been able to nail down the date for 2010. It was January 10 in 2008 and January 12 in 2009... so it would follow that the 2010 date would be sometime soon? I have no idea. I'm not sure why I'm so fixated on doing a Delurk Day on the actual Delurking Day. I mean, I can just say TODAY IS DELURK DAY and get the same type of results I'd get if I'm tagging on to some kind of national thing. So, yes. Am strangely irritated that I can't find an answer to this question. Someone needs to start a website and just tell everyone when the day is. Yes, that's it. And now I'm going to stop obsessing about it.

Fourth: Let's Discuss Poop.

I think we've won Chip over and convinced him to go with the old stand-bys: poop and pee, with the fun and playful poops and peeps (thanks Shelly!) thrown in just for kicks. It's too late to introduce another word for it anyway: Bean was standing in the bathroom yesterday afternoon holding her stuffed Elmo when she told me that Elmo needed to poop. So she didn't say that. Exactly. What she said was this: "Elmo? Poop?" When I weirdly nodded and told her, "Uh, no. He's fine", she said (in caps)

So I did what millions of well-intentioned and totally ill-equipped parents have done before me. I awkwardly took Elmo and sort of sat him on top of the toilet seat COVER (NOT SEAT - I AM NOT AN ANIMAL AND I'M MARRIED TO A GUY WITH GERM ISSUES). So I sat Elmo on the seat and then (gulp) made some shhhhh noises as Bean looked on very expectantly. Afterwards, we, um, wiped Elmo and then said ALL DONE.

I was horrified.

And also strangely proud. We're on our way, Internets.

Fifth: Can we talk about Glee and how I love it so?

I didn't do the Sundry quiz this year, but it's the one question I regret not being able to answer so I'm answering it here. Last year I watched Battlestar Gallactica, but with that gone the way of the Cylons--- my 2009 television crush is definitely Glee. And Community, which makes Chip and I laugh until milk and Oreos come out of our noses. Metaphorically speaking, of course (or not).

Whimsy out.

* I blame the 2-hour Glee marathons on Wednesdays for THIS kind of entry greeting you on Thursday morning. You're welcome.


KAY said...

Glee -- I haven't really gotten into it, but the HUSBAND has. I'm sure he wishes he had someone to talk to about it. I'll send him over.

Community -- I have really liked this one too. Sooo funny.. one of my favorite moments is the Dr. Doogie Seacrest clip.(

Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE Glee!!!

Alicia @ bethsix said...

I hate being behind in my Google Reader reading, but it's also great because it's like watching TV series on DVD via Netflix. No waiting! If I want more, I can JUST KEEP WATCHING (reading)!

This is how I feel about this one. No waiting to find out the words you chose for pee and poop. I can find out NOW!

I've only seen a couple partial episodes of Glee. I really want to start watching it, but I never remember it's on. Wah wah wah.