Thursday, January 14, 2010

whimsy, delurked

Want to hear something funny? I'm so ahead of the game, so clued-in to the trends, so in touch with the pulse of the internet, I held Delurking Day a full three days before its actual date. Really. (And let's be clear: you should read that as Whimsy is more than a little out of it and also impatient.)

So Delurking Day is today. When Shelly (kisses to Shelly Huh!) emailed me to let me know that she'd heard the concrete date, my rusty head wheels started creakety creaking to try to come up with something different to do. Since clearly, I already asked you guys to delurk and I'm not about to get all demanding and up in your business about doing it twice in one week. I mean, really.

What I decided to do instead is to talk about the sites where I regularly lurk, and maybe even tell you why. It might be fun. Or tedious. But here goes anyway.

Besides usually lurking on all of your sites (and occasionally delurking myself by commenting), I do some regular lurking at:

Mayfly. Alicia is this lovely artist who sews and cooks and paints and takes gorgeous photos. You'd want to hate her a little bit for being so talented but she's so darn thoughtful and nice, you can't. Instead, I like to drop in on her blog from time to time to see what's she's up to. There's always something good going on over there.

six and a half stitches. Okay. I don't know where to start with six and a half stitches except to say: go there. You won't regret it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Gorgeous photos of her work (knitted things, sewn things) - and super gorgeous words to go along with.

C Jane. Courtney is adorable. And funny.

Sweet Juniper. I suspect that most of you read here already, but if not, you should check it out. Simultaneously funny, heartfelt, and thought-provoking.

the ugly green chair. True story: this is the first blog I ever read. FIRST. Is it weird that I remember that? Whitney tells this funny little bits and stories about her life. And she has great ideas.

Grosgrain. Wandering Nana told me about Grosgrain, and oh the cuteness. THE SHEER CUTENESS. Plus, a million giveaways and contests if you're interested.

And a few new-for-me craft/art blogs that I'm trying on for size:
bright and blithe.
Buttons McGee.
curious girl.

As I said, I'm not going to demand a Second Creamery Delurking, but I am going to encourage you to get on out there and delurk on some of your regular reads. If you're not a blogger, I'll state the obvious and tell you that it's incredibly gratifying to hear from people who read your stuff. Even if it's just a hello. Or a punctuation mark. Every(ish) day we'll cast something out to the Great Internet Void and sometimes it can feel exactly like whistling in the dark, like you're putting things on your internet porch and wondering if anyone really is reading. So the delurking? It's nice. Really nice.

Now go have yourself a wonderful day and spread some punctuation out on the internet. (And hey - if you're feeling in the mood, tell me a few of the places YOU like to lurk. I'd like to know.)


Amanda said...


Eleanor Q. said...

Great idea! Going to steal it for my own blog now...

Chadillac said...

I want you to know your blog is the first blog I have ever read. And so far it is the only blog I have read. I have to say I don't do a lot of lurking, except here. I can think of two websites I enjoy going to from time to time. One is Pretty funny to see how countries can foul up the English language through mistranslation. Not their fault, but still pretty funny. Mostly Asian stuff. I also go to It's a website that some local guys made that combines two of their loves: photography and fire departments. I can look to see photos from fires I heard on the radio or that I just missed while on my day off. So, there ya go. Not terribly exciting, but it is what it is.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm a bit sad. I missed delurking day and never heard of it. However, yesterday I opened my reader for the 1st time in months and spent some time reading blogs of people I follow, not just the people who I comment.

I enjoyed it and am doing it again today. I just have to remember to put a time limit otherwise I could spend hours and hours reading blogs.

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

I think I de-lurked here sometime last year, but since I never comment, I thought I should do so again. :)

I'm afraid most of my blog-reading is lurking. I do all my reading through Google Reader and rarely comment. One place I lurk is Creative Chicks. One of the chicks is the friend of a friend. I also lurk at Reese Dixon, another craft/mommy blog.

Jennifer said...

I didn't delurk here the other day. I am a bad, bad commenter. You'd think the honor of being Your First Jenny would compel me to do better, but alas, I suck. Or, to put a more positive spin on things, I am an Excellent Lurker!

Anonymous said...

I love that you are the first blog someone EVER read. I mean, wow. No pressure or anything, huh? You were a bloggy maiden voyage for someone!!

LA and BD said...

Oh, I lurk on Cjane, too!