Tuesday, March 23, 2010

attention all minions: gmboa contest sighting

We interrupt this Craft Week (new tutorial for today is just down below this post) to announce: the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness contest is up and running over at Wandering Nana.

All Minions: GO FORTH AND CONQUER (or, you know: go enter that contest to be the next winner of that box).

For a reminder of the rules and such, go here.
For a reminder of what the heck IS a GMBOA, also go here.

Or ask one of the Minions, because by now, they ALL know what this is.

-Whimsy out.


Bethsix said...

I am on this like a pot of neckbones.

Jayme said...

Y'all say it wrong.

Spadoman said...

Yes, ask the Minions, as we are all knowing.
Say, Whimsical One, Queen of all Miniony subjects, I'm not really much into the sewing craft stuff. Hope you don't mind. This one really separates the (old) men from the boys, (or is it boys from the girls?) Whatever.
But I must say, I am impressed that you and others have such skills and creativity.
As a Dad, I made a lot of stuff for my daughters when they were growing up. Not much that they could wear to keep them warm and comfortable, like the leg thingies, but I did build tree houses and play forts and hideaways in the woods. I fixed all the bicycles and hauled them around in the garden tractor behind the mower. Just sayin'.

Peace to all.

PS I did enter the Gembolaya, (That's what I'm calling it)