Thursday, March 25, 2010

the thing is

Last night at 9pm I made a decision. Several decisions, in fact, but all centered on one thing:

You need to do what is going to work for you, what is going to ultimately help you. Sometimes that means doing the hard thing. Sometimes that means saying no. Sometimes that means powering down and shutting off.

Sometimes that means changing a plan.

There was a tutorial slotted for today but I decided to delay it a day--- it upsets my entire plan of a WEEK LONG CRAFT EXTRAVAGANZA but I'm embracing the whimsy (and embracing The Whimsy) and saying pffft - it'll be fine.

Tomorrow: t-shirt dress tutorial.

And next week: one last tutorial and the big Etsy shop reveal.

For your Thursday reading and discussion and contest-entering pleasure, please consider:

1. Wandering Nana has a contest up for the next round of the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness. If you haven't entered already, do it now. Be awesome.
2. What is your feeling on FLAKEY? Do you allow flakeyness in your life? Do you allow it (or like it) in the people around you? Do you think it's something to avoid or grow out of--- or do you think being flakey is a higher plane of being?
and this one:
3. Does anyone else think that Dr. Oz looks like a gremlin/goblin/creepy fairy tale creature?


Anonymous said...

Flakey - am not a fan. Seems more like an excuse to act like an asshole and not get blamed for it. "Oh, I totally forgot we said we'd meet for lunch on Thursday. TEEHEE. I'm such a space case." No, you are just rude. Thankfully I don't have much flake in my life.

I had never considered it before, but I think you are completely right about Dr. Oz.

Have a good day taking care of The Whimsy.

Bethsix said...

Tell it, Whimsy. It will be fine.

I don't remember if you said you were revealing your Etsy shop before, but I *wanted* you to and almost said it earlier this week. Because I enjoy handily crafted items, particularly when they are made by others.

1. Entered and then thought of another pronunciation, so posting now.

2. I'm with Shelly Overlook. I do not enjoy flaky. I feel like you just have to remove yourself from flakiness, avoid the flake. I have a good friend who became really flaky 10 years or so ago. After allowing myself to keep being beaten up by it, I just had to stop interacting with her. It was just too painful to keep being put off and put last (after people she barely knew).

3. I've never thought this about Dr. Oz, but you're so right.

Also, Alice MIGHT be cute. I don't know if I've mentioned this before.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm 44 so flakey is not allowed in my world on a regular basis.

Typically flakey = high maintenance and lots of drama, things I have eliminated over the years.

That's just me.

Eleanor Q. said...

1. I am not cool with people who are flakey. I try very hard not to be flakey with other people and if I ever have to cancel last minute or can't do something that I said I would I apologize profusely and until they don't want to hear about it anymore. Then I feel guilty for another week.

2. There are many things I find odd about Dr. Oz including (but not limited to) why he wears scrubs on TV- he's not operating on TV; why he tailored his scrubs to not have sleeves; why he likes to talk about poop ALWAYS; his love of flax seed; why he seems to think he's a specialist on everything when he's really only a specialist for cardiac surgery. I do have to say that he is good at explaining things so everyone understands and I like that he often brings in samples so we can see what we look like on the inside.

Swistle said...

I am so sad that the traveling box is only for minions! I don't use the follow feature because then it starts the whole problem of "who should I follow?" and "who should I not follow?" and "what does it mean if I do/don't follow?" and "will ___'s feelings be hurt that I don't follow?" and "*wince* it's so obvious when I'm not following someone!" and all that gives me an anxious heart.

I think it greatly depends on the degree and application of the flakiness. Someone who is just a little absentminded can be charming. A pie crust can be charming. Someone who flakes out on plans, agreements, responsibilities, etc. should not be surprised if I deny them adult status. Someone who is PROUD of flakiness (like they think it's SO CUTE) is...well, a silly teenaged girl, and really had better not be anything else.

Yes, Dr. Oz's appearance is an argument against the lifestyle he promotes.

wandering nana said...

Oh Swistle... I think you are an honary Minion. You have always been there on Whimsy's blog.

Flakiness.... I have very little tolerance for it... but that being said, as I have gotten older I seem to forget things more. I now call myself at home and leave me messages on my answering machine so I will remember things I need to do. I now have a phone that I can put in reminders which has really saved me from the "flakiness syndrome". I guess I need to be more forgiving of the old flakes... young ones have no excuse. "}
Dr Oz... sometimes a little too happy for me.

Be sure to enter the contest... The contents will be wonderful (I have to live up to the head creamette's contents.

wandering nana said...

Oh, I think your tutorials should count for at least 2 days worth of writing because you are really good at making it easy to understand and do. Take a break.

Swistle said...

Wandering Nana- That would be SO unfair, and I am TOTALLY taking advantage of it anyway before you change your mind.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

*snicker* I've kind of thought that about Dr. Oz but haven't been able to say it out loud.