Friday, March 5, 2010

coming soon: craft week

Why hello there. How are you doing? We're fine, thank you. It would seem that fake food has taken over our living room (I found this onion sitting casually in the crack of the sofa), but otherwise: good here.

There have been a number of To Do items that have been neglected a little bit. Namely, getting the Minionlympics 2nd place prize package extravaganza to Alicia and the GMBOA to Wandering Nana. I did, however, deliver the 3rd place prize to a very excited Heidi. Angela was there to make the delivery with me, and she even offered up a rowsing rendition of the Olympic theme song (you know the one). One down, two to go.

The packages are being prettied up in the studio right now, which means they will be finally exiting the Last Homely House early next week. When that happens, I'll be posting some fun facts about the Golden Minion Box Of Awesomeness, because I know you've all been waiting with BAITED BREATH. (If you want backstory on the GMBOA, see here. Or read this: it's a moving prize box of awesomeness, soon to be in residence at Wandering Nana's. After a brief respite, she'll be holding a contest to give the box to the next Minion. Because you have to be a Minion --follower on the sidebar here-- to win it.)

Anyway! Packages: soon to go out. And at long (almost) last, I'll be getting my Etsy shop up and running. Have been sewing fast and furiously.

To announce the shop and linkage, I'll be hosting CRAFT WEEK here at The Creamery in a couple of weeks (starting Monday March 22, to be specific). What is Craft Week, you ask? A week of tutorials and how to from yours truly. Here is where YOU come in: either comment here or shoot me an email if there's something that you'd like to know (whimsyattack AT gmail DOT com). Hopefully I'll be able to choose a couple and show them here. So far, I'm thinking of doing a toddler t-shirt dress tutorial and a simple how to on those fairy flags. Thoughts? Comments?

That's the plan. Until then, it's life as usual here at The Creamery, which means, you know: not always so usual.


Anonymous said...

I am the Anti-Crafty, so I am really looking forward to seeing all your pretties.

Rose said...

Ooh, I can't wait! I also can't wait to see your Etsy shop. I was on Etsy the other day, and I wondered, "I wonder if Whimsy has an Etsy shop, if not... she should!"

Also, I'm definitely interested in any crafty kid clothing... :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm curious to what you'll be doing.

I used to be a crafty person - sold my dried flower creations to local retailers, but that has been years.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Ooh, ooh! I love any kind of crafty tutorial. YAY!

KAY said...

Okay, I want tutorials on the following things:
1. How to make those cute Bean skirts... And if they can be adapted for bigger sizes...
2. How to find cool fabric for Bean skirts..
3. How to take cool pictures for blogging. I especially liked the feel of the Gold-Silver-Bronze Minionlympics post. My pictures never turn out cool. What is it? The lighting, the camera settings, angles? Help!

Spadoman said...

Looks like I better join the sidebar then, eh?
I like the flags, I saw them on the birthday cake. Cool idea.
Looking forward to seeing your crafty creative stuff.


Bethsix said...

I am not crafty, but I enjoy pretty, handmade things, so this should be fun. Like a Boy Scout, I do my best.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Whimsy crafts??


I need all kinds of help. I'd love to learn how to make the stuff you sent me for London-the taggy blanket, straps for pacifiers, or even just how to bind the edges of a blanket.

Basically I'd love to learn anything. : )

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I actually dreamt about trying to figure out the fairy flags! For real!

I would welcome any and all crafty tips. Any ideas for how to make easy dress-up clothes for girls?

Heidi said...

I was very excited! Only don't share the picture! Your eyes only! And the cupcakes were a big hit here.

I can't wait to see your Etsy shop. If you need any help say keeping the bean busy while you craft away you know where to go right!?!