Friday, March 12, 2010

unveiling the gmboa

Yesterday Bean and I made a very important delivery. She stayed in the car while I bestowed the goods on one excited Wandering Nana.


You want to win this box. I know you do. And you're going to have your chance to win the box from Wandering Nana when she holds a contest in the next few weeks. To help you follow the box I've introduced a new page here at The Creamery (see over there to the top right) AND I'll have an icon in the sidebar soon. As the box moves from Minion to Minion, I'll update the links.

Now. Some details, yes?

I mentioned way back when that there would be some rules that would follow the GMBOA. At long last, THE RULES.
. Each recipient of the box needs to add some decoration to it. Anything goes, as long as you don't affect the strength or integrity of the box.
. Only a MINION can win the box. To be a Minion, you need to be a follower here at The Creamery.
. The box can be filled with whatever you want to fill it with for a prize BUT it needs to include two things: some kind of action figure (however loosely you'd like to translate that) and a little miniature bottle/container. It's this THING with me, and I figured the box should have it too (thanks for the idea, WN!).
. In order for the box to keep moving, you need to hold a contest to send the box onto it's new recipient within three weeks of receiving it.

Now that I've filled you guys in on ALL the gory details, let's look at that pretty box again:

Soooooooo pretty.
Now. It's not like we're going to spend all day talking about the GMBOA today. So instead, let's talk about movies. One of which I'm hoping to persuade my husband to escort me to on Saturday evening. Anyone have a hearty recommendation? I'm thinking of Alice in Wonderland, for so many obvious reasons. But I'm willing to entertain other suggestions if you can make a really good argument. Let's hear it.
(Oh, and on Monday I have the BEST story to tell you about what happened after I delivered the box to Wandering Nana. She, Bean, and I went on a hair-raising adventure to the farthest reaches of the south Seattle shipyards. Dude. I... just... well. You'll have to wait until Monday.)


wandering nana said...

Can hardly wait for the Monday post. I'm still laughing. I told the Mr about it and he said "You ended up where!!! Why did you go so far away?" hint:BL

I love my box and the shirt... I'm wondering, is the fish the action figure?

Spadoman said...

Wandering Nana is cute!
I want a chance at that box, so I'm gonna do my checklist and make sure I am eligible, (and flattering Wandering Nana, the next person to have a contest to win the box, won't hurt my chances I'm hoping).

I saw Alice last weekend. I thought it to be fabulous. It's not exactly like the original movie, but the characters are there, the sets are beautiful, the acting superb and the action/story line is creative.
That's my vote, go see it.
(You can take my recommendation because we both call white bread yucky bread, so we think alike on some level)


Spadoman said...

PS That was Alice in Wonderland, the movie, not YOUR Alice. Okay, got that straight!