Friday, July 16, 2010

names for things

...yep, the beebo is still there

She says GOPEN for open.

RAISIN BROWN for Raisin Bran.

DIMEYSORE for dinasour.

TISS for kiss.

SANK YOU for thank you.

She had Corn Pops cereal for the first time when we were in Idaho in May and she called them IPops (you can guess why, seeing as how she covets my IPod for her very own).

SOPPIES for spots.

MEDISANIN for medicine.

COPPYCAKE for cupcake.

EAR GO for here ya go.

FLIP SHOPS for flip flops.

GROVERF for Grover.
She loves to correct me when I say "earth" - she insists it is EARF. There's a song I sing to her, and one of the lines is about earth, and each time, no matter how sleepy or tuned out she is, when I sing that word I hear her very meticulous correction, "EARF, Mommy. EARFFF!"
BAP-PAP is for backpack.
There are so many others, so many that I'm not capturing here but I wish I could. I have saved this list and added to it for weeks now, hoping to put down her little eccentricities. To paste them here to the page like a locket of her silky hair. It's silly, really, this desire to hold so tightly to something she does for this minute (and maybe this minute only), hoping that I will always remember the sound of her lisp and the way she gets so excited sometimes she can't help but spray a shower of spittle onto my cheek as she's crowing over something she found or helped me with (I ELP YOU, MOMMY! I ELP YOU! and YOOK! I FOUND THE REMOTE, MOMMY! I FOUND HIM!).
I know that these days of being two are numbered for her, and for me. She exasperates me more often than she should, my nerves fried and frayed. There are so many names for the moods she has, mercurial by seconds on the clock. There are so many names for things she's learning as those seconds click by, and so many names I miss when I'm too busy or too tired or too engaged in something I'm going to forget tomorrow.
For today, I will post this list of names and share them with her when she has moved on to naming other vistas without me.


Pickles and Dimes said...

I love how she called the remote a "him."

This list is so cute! More, please!

Beths said...

Not silly. It's gone so fast, and then you can't remember. I only remember about five cute things Kieran used to say, and those only in specific contexts. I can't even call them from memory. It's so worth it to record them. She'll never be this age again.

Anneke is six and still says /t/ for /k/ and /d/ for /g/, so "tiss" for "kiss" would be accurate. Her pediatrician says it's still normal. REALLY? At least she can hear the difference now. If we correct her "hambooder" and get her to try to say "hamburger," she can do it, but it's enunciated in the funniest way. Ham BOOR GOOR. She thinks it's hilarious.