Wednesday, July 21, 2010

picture a summertime

I think that pictures of summertime should be this: all legs and pigtails and backs of necks as they stream past.

I think that the pictures of summertime are blurry for a reason: there is no time to stop for catching a breath or saying cheese.

I think that the pictures of summertime are lit with a specific yellow light: the yellow of lemons and noontime sun and daisy centers.

I think that the pictures of summertime come too few and far between, and the handful that we're left with at the end of the season stand as precious little reminders of what we have waiting for us in the next July.


Beths said...

You really ARE a northwesterner. Summers in Austin start in April.

tearese said...

Oh my gosh I. love. you.
Or at least your writing, if that makes it less awkward. I only remember to check blogs every so often, but everytime I come to yours, I'm like, "Why don't I come here every day?" The creamery should be required reading for all creative, introspective, or any other types.
The end.