Friday, July 23, 2010

three words to strike fear in the heart of every parent

Two year molars.

All four at the same time.

(pray for us sinners)

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Shelly Overlook said...

Oh honey. Been there, done that. In fact, my kid got 8 teeth at once long ago. It was the most horrific 2 weeks of my parenting life. BUT, then you get it over with all at once and think of the chomping she will be able to do after!

Amy said...

I felt for you when I read this the other day. It didn't once occur to me that HEY - Nate's only 3 days younger, our time is coming. Oblivious! Until last night when I looked in his mouth at bath time and saw two new molars poking and half-way through. Then I said "well, No SH!T. No wonder he's been a beast for the past 6 days and won't give up the paci for anything!" I had no idea. What a rookie mistake.