Wednesday, July 7, 2010

things I learned last week while watching way too much television

Wesley Snipes uses Total Gym.

It's important to be on The Bachelorette for "the right reasons".

I am deeply disturbed by the commercial for the new Huggies diapers that look like denim jeans. I'm not sure which is worse: the full grown adult woman giving the little baby boy a look or the line "my diaper is full... Full of fashion" or the whole aura of a baby boy done up to, sexy.

I don't really understand what The Bachelorette people deem to be "the right reasons".

There are whole tv stations devoted to and sponsored by salad dressing. True story.

It turns out 'Sobongo' is not a really long movie about drumming. It's a shopping channel. No matter how long you watch the channel to see if a movie will come on, it will never come on. Commercial after commercial. Yes there's a whole tv channel of that.

I think if you're on The Bachelorette, it's pretty likely that you aren't there for "the right reasons".

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Bethsix said...

I have never seen those diapers, but I heard about them from my cousin's wife. They sound disturbing. I'm not googling them.

angelalois said...

wow did you watch the breakup special?!?! it was like watching a train wreck. absolutely incredible. so. bad.

Erin P said...

Oh, the diaper commercial disturbs me too. Here's one that I've also been disturbed by for a similar reason...the fabric softener commercial where the sweet little girl is dressed in slow motion with horribly sexual angles showing her shoulders turning--have you seen it? First time I saw it I thought about pedophiles and hoped they don't watch it.
Can't watch those sort of reality shows though.

Anonymous said...

I saw a young (early 20s) woman with her mother (assuming) in Target actively and loudly searching for the denim Huggies b/c her baby NEEDED them.