Friday, July 9, 2010

summer snapshot

A summer day in early July, when the heat is a novelty, bringing out popsicles and sticky fingers. Ice cream dribbling in a line down a small shirt. Hot waffle cut french fries dunked in cold ketchup. Street parking and a leisurely three-block walk. Musing (a theory) that it's always 8 degrees warmer at the zoo than anywhere else on the planet--- not that it matters, because there are bamboo forests to wander and elephants to see. Up close and personal with a napping jaguar, her face an expanse of velvet spots. This is a day for holding hands and running free, for eating a sack lunch on a bench as we anticipate seeing lemurs and kangaroos. A free pass to ride the carousel and screams of glee for the wind in our faces, the wheeling fling around and around and around, the world spinning.

Just beautiful.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Great photos! What a lovely day at the zoo.

Bethsix said...

Just beautiful, Alice and your words. She's so gorgeous.

And also, it took me a minute for that last photo to make me go, "Oh crap! Alice! Run!"