Wednesday, August 18, 2010

deep thinking

Last night, while watching The Three Musketeers, a movie (and a story, I might add) it will become abundantly clear in a short moment that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT.

Whimsy: (noticing that everyone has a French accent, even a BAD French accent, excepting Chris O'Donnel) What's the deal with Chris O'Donnel's d'Artagnan and his entire lack of an accent?

Chip: Oh, he traveled to France from America just to be a Musketeer.

Whimsy: I guess that makes sense then.

...several minutes later when the bed is literally shaking from Chip's laughter

Whimsy: WAIT A SECOND. This is set in, like, the 1600's. If d'Artagnan was coming from America he would be A PILGRIM. You are an evil man.

Chip: Also, you might have noticed that neither Keifer Sutherland or Charlie Sheen have accents either. More American immigrants.

(sometimes I hurt my head with my lack of thinking)

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Beths said...

I like Chip.

That is all.