Monday, August 16, 2010

reflections on a sunday evening

Everyone in the household is limp and lifeless, excepting yours truly and that's only under extreme duress (and insistence from the 2-year-old). What's that they say about Mother's Work and never being done?

It's only the second heatwave of the summer, so I am limiting my comments to just that, seeing as how we've been beyond lucky compared to the rest of the country vis a vis HEAT.

No one has air conditioning here in the northwest, it's just not practical (August and only the second week of temps above 85-degrees). Our methods for dealing with it have us as sun-fearing mole people for the few short days when the temperature soars into the upper 80's and 90's (and dare I say 100's?). We keep the house dark. We don't open the doors and windows. We lay around on the couch and the floor and the landing of the staircase and just wallow.

When we walked in the house after church this afternoon I made Chip and Bean promise with a level stare and my index finger pointed at their noses, "Repeat after me: no opening the doors and no cooking, just the microwave and anything you can harvest from the refrigerator." There were pinky swears and oaths of promise.

So here I sit for a moment, bound from the stove but still fetching bits of chicken nuggets and ice cold grapes fresh from the 'fridge. I am dreaming again of food.

homemade ice cream with just-warm-from-the-stove caramel
sweet lemon curd on fresh baked bread
these pancakes with a dusting of powdered sugar

I will be dreaming until the inside temperature creeps below 75.

Say it with me: summer is so short, we need to enjoy every sticky sweaty second. After we tuck Bean in bed tonight, Chip and I will retire to the backyard to watch a movie on my laptop. Enjoy the blue summer sky and the crisp white stars. There is magic in those moments when I feel the earth's tilt-a-whirl slow just enough to allow me to take a deep breath and sigh. Life, whether we count the days as limp cave people or run ferocious out into the savage sun, is good. It's just so good.


Beths said...

Summer sounds great in the northwest. I imagine the weather is like summer in upstate New York, which is, in general, super lovely. Except sometimes for lack of a/c. Nights are so so beautiful though. Watching a movie in the backyard, omg, sounds like the funnest thing I've never done.

Midnight Rambler said...

I love backyard movie night. Like a drive in, but way more intimate and cozy. Stay cool!

Sibley Saga .... said...

I feel ya.

I have been feeling limp and useless this summer. Life in a cheap trailer in New Mexico without 'fully' functional AC will suck the life out of ya.

Yay for microwaves!
Yay for ice cream!
Yay for cool evenings out on the grass!
And yay for bug spray used for said cool evenings!

kately said...

we are one of the few, the proud, the families with Air Conditioning and we make no apologies! Our dog doesn't know how good she has it. I turned on that oven and cooked dinner when it was 90 outside ... Abram baked his famous chocolate chip cookies ... and we even had the oven AND the stovetop going at the same time. we are spoiled and quite thankful :-) However, I love the outside movie night thing -- how sweet!