Monday, August 9, 2010

return of three truths and one lie

I have decided that we are in desperate need to play a GAME. What do you say? Game playing this week?

I propose the following: I'm going to tell you four things--- three of them true and one of them most decidedly NOT. And you get to guess which one is the fib. But there's more. Each day I'll tell you the background of one of the true stories until it's obvious which one is the faker. If you're in the mood, you should play along on your blog too. Let's see which one of us is the better liar. If you're playing along - let me know and I'll link back here.

That's all I've got, this fine Monday morning. The announcement of playing a game, an invitation for you to do the same, and then nothing else.

Except this: I had one of those surreal string of days last week where I had several MAJOR things to accomplish and I was scared into a daze of doing none of it. Like I found myself actually floating aimlessly and fitfully around the house saying to myself SO MUCH TO DO and then resumed my fitful floating. During the fitful floating I started fixating on the fact that we have exactly three photos hung on our walls and we've lived here for five years. So what does any intelligent person do when they have SO MUCH TO DO? Clearly they clean out the garage and extract a large box of unused frames that they then become convinced must be hung on the walls of the house. Immediately. So then (still not doing anything that I actually REALLY REALLY REALLY NEEDED TO DO) I shopped around the house to find some walls that would take frames well. This took a large chunk of time. After the walls were chosen, there was a good amount of staring and thinking and imagining which frames to put where and exactly where those frames should be positioned. Enter stage left: Insane Planning Whimsy armed with paper cutouts of the frames to tape on the walls to more fully envision the final product of frames-on-walls. And even then, after all the flitting and the frame shuffling and garage cleaning-out, there was frame PAINTING in the driveway and a trip to Home Depot for a refill of black spray paint.

The end result: I am STILL not done with my SEVERAL ITEMS THAT MUST BE COMPLETED IMMEDIATELY but I have nearly two walls of frames hung. So... win? Win for me?

I guess the lesson we learn here is that even when you think you have all this junk that should be done RIGHT NOW, it turns out that maybe it can wait several days. And dude, right now is a great time to hang some frames.

(In case you were wondering: no pictures in the frames. At least not yet. That's going to wait until the next time I have too much to do.)

So to recap: tomorrow we're doing three truths and one lie. And you should play too. How was your weekend?

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Chadillac said...

Yup, I am right there with ya. Mine usually start with piles of laundry and/or dishes, but end up with puttering around the garage, maybe doing something unnecessary on my truck.

Truth or lie: Engine 24 responds to a Class I fire alarm (an apartment building's fire alarm system is going off) at 3 in the morning and while the apparatus is parked out front with its emergency lights on and the building alarms going off a couple decides to go in, not out like everyone else. They must have had something really important to do. Oh yeah, while we are inside, a guy asks my engineer how long he will be parked there (Engine 24 is parked right in front of an empty space, how rude!).