Tuesday, August 10, 2010

three truths and one lie

So here we go. Of the four things I've listed, tell me which one is the lie.

I am the designated cat puke cleaner-upper in the house.

The recent introduction of a revolutionary housekeeping technique has literally changed my life.

I am a semi-regular viewer of the soap opera General Hospital.

I am the only person residing in the house that likes black licorice.

And seriously, there's a story for every single one of these even the ones that sound pretty benign. I'm kind of dying to tell you the stories, actually. But first you need to judge which one of these is a fib. Go!


Anonymous said...

Black licorice

I need to play this. Maybe I'll get inspired this afternoon.

Bird said...

I'm torn between the black licorice and General Hospital. I think I'm going with GH. I bet Chip really likes it.

Jayme said...


Amanda said...

I think cat puke is a lie.

I'm dying to know about the house cleaning tip.

Beths said...

I'm going with General Hospital.

Beths said...

And I'm playing along: http://bethsix.com/2010/08/10/three-truths-and-a-lie/

Amy said...


angelalois said...

I want to play but I missed the boat so I'm gonna play next week or soon. I totally thought it was GH and I also yearned for Frisco. Hmmmm!