Monday, August 30, 2010

a few notes about these people

One of these people is still sick, phlegmy and coughing. Laughing even as she loses her voice.

One of these people brought dinner home on Friday night, a saving grace for a tired Whimsy.
One of these people is currently stacking boxes of pudding and jello end-to-end across the living room floor.

One of these people spent a brief 36-hours at home before heading back out to the business salt mines.


One of these people has learned to kick a ball. She follows the bright red vinyl sphere down the hall, karate-chopping the air high, like a drum major.
One of these people has been waking in the midnight hours, coughing and sputtering in her sleep as I lie awake and listen, hoping and praying that her body will quiet, that the vigil I keep can allow us both to sleep through the night.
One of these people has been known to sneak up behind me and wipe her runny nose on the back of my shirt. Or pants. Or arm. Or neck. (Nice to be of service, there.)

One of these people was missed as soon as he kissed me goodbye, his car still rumbling in the driveway.
One of these people has the msot delectable cheeks. Wait, that could be both of these people.


kately said...

sweet, sweet sweet ... the comment at the end about cheeks ... not the wiping of the phlegm ;-)

Spadoman said...

Very nice thoughts about Chip and the Bean. My youngest would stand aside me as I sat at the kitchen table. I'd be reading or something and she'd wipe her snotty nose on my sleeve. Now, I'll be at her house doing some remodeling projects.
Good to stop by ans see what's happening in your neck of the woods.

Peace to you and all you hold dear.

Beths said...

I was gonna say... I am so smart that I think I could pick out which note went with which person, right up until that last one.