Friday, August 13, 2010

truth #3 and the reveal of my lie

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Finishing up our game of three truths and one lie.

I watched General Hospital when I was twelve. It was this thing that Stacie and I did, and we loved the show. Loved it. We watched it for Frisco (Jack Wagner) and Felicia (umm?). Okay, we watched it for Jack Wagner. We swooned when he sang All I Need. And you guys, I BOUGHT ALL OF HIS ALBUMS. All of them. I sat in my room in front of my silver boom box with the double tape deck (!!!) and listened to my Jack Wagner tapes and dreamed of the day I'd marry him (!!!). We cried when Frisco left the show. And we cheered when he came back--- several times. I spent a good chunk of my summers from twelve into some hazy future age (fourteen? fifteen? I don't know...) watching this show. I remember trying to figure out our VCR programming just so I could watch it after school. It's easy to say that I loved the show. It's easy to explain that it was a part of my squeee-stage of pre-teenagehood before I moved on to loving Johnny Depp and his chiseled cheekbones on 21 Jumpstreet (dude).

What isn't so easy is to tell you that I sometimes, ever-so-occasionally, um... check back in. To the show.


I don't have a defense exactly, because I myself don't understand WHY IN HEAVEN'S NAME I DO IT. But I do. I drop in from time to time to sort of check on the characters. (I don't know! I just told you that I don't understand it, so you're not going to get a lot of explanation here.) I am horribly embarassed that I check in with it because I know it's ridiculous. I know that the plotlines are stupid and contrived and that people have been married on average, like, SIXTEEN TIMES (and that's on average). I don't watch it for the sexiness or the drama or anything. I just... check in from time to time. And I don't tell anyone about it.

Well, except all of you. And the internet universe. But that's it. In fact, when Chip was officing out of the house last Monday I was taking a break on the couch during Bean's nap and it happened to be 2 o'clock and that's when General Hospital is on so I...checked in. But while I was doing my checking in, Chip burst out of the den (down the hall from the living room) and I quickly flipped back to the Food Network. As soon as I heard the den door click shut I flipped back to GH. Then a minute or two later the door opens again---and I clicked back to Food Network. I mean, I am an occasional viewer, doesn't mean I want ANYONE TO KNOW ABOUT IT. But at this point, Chip starts teasing me, "Sweetie, what was that you were watching, hmm? You can tell me..." I refused, of course. It was several hours later when he looked at me with this huge smile on his face and said, "How long have you been watching General Hospital?" And I was like, "WHAT?" He explained that he'd noticed the quick channel change the first time and had only pretended to go back into the den (closing the door) and watched me flip back to GH. He felt guilty about the subterfuge and opened the door again, to walk down the hall and see if I'd fess up. (Lesson learned: Chip doesn't mess around.)

So then I fessed. We laughed about it, and he insisted that this be a truth during this week, because it's just too funny that I not only WATCH IT (sometimes--- doth the lady protest too much?), but I actually HIDE IT FROM MY HUSBAND.

Before you lose all respect of me and never come back to The Creamery, at least read to the bottom of the post where I tell you about licorice.

Because that means that the one lie was about me being the only person in the house who will eat black licorice. A fact, I should say, I personally thought was 100% true until a very short time ago. Chip won't touch the stuff. Thinks it's horiffic. My friend Amanda (hi Amanda!) and I had a girl's night recently at my place. Chip was out of town on a Friday night and I needed some company. So Amanda left husband and child at home and came over to watch a movie and eat junk (homemade caramel popcorn and cookies...AND she brought boxes of Good & Plenty, the best black licorice candy to grace the planet). She left a whole box of the Good & Plenty with me for Saturday consumption. Well, let me just say that Bean has a SIXTH SENSE for anything sweet--- it's like she just knows that if it's in a colorful box than it MUST be good. Saturday afternoon Bean spied the box as I was trying to pry a couple pieces from it without her notice (amateur move). When she insisted that she have some too (CANDY? ALICE HAVE CANDY, MOMMY? CANDY???), I buckled. I figured that this is the child who doesn't like pasta. The child who doesn't eat hotdogs or any part of the pizza other than two inches of crust. The child who won't eat CHEESE, for pete's sake. Why on this green earth would she eat and like BLACK LICORICE? But of course (as you know, this being the lie and all), she DID like it. She ate up the one piece I gave her and asked for another. And another. And another. It turns out that she likes black licorice.

There you have it. My child likes black licorice and I like to watch General Hospital. OCCASIONALLY. AND IN PRIVATE.

Let us never speak of it again.


Bird said...

I love black licorice! I also like coconut flavored jelly bellys and most scoffed at flavors of things. Last week, Fussbot begged for and then ate a slice of lemon and asked for more. The gene, it continues.

Rose said...

So seriously... I was correct! I assumed that the black licorice was the "fib", but I didn't speak up... so I can't gloat as much as I could have... oh well. :)

Beths said...

I love black licorice. Brad and I both do, so I don't get all the black jelly beans when we have them in the house. Sadly.

And I think it's perfectly okay to watch GH. When I was growing up, my aunt kept me over summers, and she watched GH. I still remember some of the characters. I watched Days of our Lives whenever I was at my grandparents' from late elementary on into high school. I also watched the Young and the Restless for a couple summers, and even bought Michael Damian's single ("Rock On") on cassette. Not ALL OF MICHAEL DAMIAN'S ALBUMS, mind you.

Beths said...

Oh, and Brad watched All My Children in high school and still, occasionally (almost never, but still), "checks in."

angelalois said...

girls night?? SO FUN! Also. One of my friends says there's no reason the watch soaps because the Bachelor shows are just as great and they're real! Interesting, no? GH was my fave when I was a tween as well... ;-)

stacie d said...

Obviously I had an unfair advantage in this one, knowing that you & I watched General Hospital and daydreamed about Frisco Jones. I have a vivid memory of lounging in the bathtub listening to Jack Wagner's tape (on my black, mint green and hot pink boom box) and really truly thinking that someday I'd meet him and we'd fall in love. be a kid.

My Mom still watches it religiously (so if you need updates, ask her!), along with All My Children. So what if I also watch AMC? My only excuse is that, thanks to Mom, I've watched it since before I was born. That makes it ok, right...?

kately said...

Shelby loves RED licorice, so when Abram gave her a bite of black licorice, we watched...and she slowly chewed and then looked at me and took my hand and turned it upside down and slowly evacuated all of the licorice out of her mouth and into my hand. she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts from Hawaii, though? She pushed a chair to the counter, grabbed a chocolate and came into the office with the evidence all over her face and simply smiled and said, "chocolate Momma!"