Tuesday, August 3, 2010

she was wearing pants earlier in the day, I promise

Not that any of you asked, but in case you wondered about yesterday's post and my stellar choice for her outdoor chalk drawing attire: earlier in the day, Bean had been wearing pants. A dress, actually. But then she spilled a whole cup of milk. On the floor, on her nearby standing Whimsy, and on herself. While I frantically stirred rice pudding to stop it from burning, Chip whisked a soggy Bean upstairs and "changed" her. And by "changed" I mean he took off her milky dress and leggies and brought her back downstairs in just her onesie. Eh, it was fine. Late in the day. And sort of heartbreakingly adorable.

Why is it that only children approximately 3 1/2 and younger can get away with wandering around the house in their underwear and still be cheek-pinchingly cute? Perhaps your significant other would disagree and would add that you look adorable trotting around the house in your skivvies, but I think that's a very personal choice. And a personal opinion. Because even though I adore my husband I'm not sure I'd want him standing in our driveway doing chalk drawings in his unders.

So there's that.

In other news, it is very handy to have the husband home for a few days because he has done the following things that I myself could not do:

- Fished a crayon out of the depths of our dishwasher innards (where Bean had kindly stored it, claiming she was MAILING THE CRAYON by sticking it into a small hole underneath the handle).

- Killed, removed, and excavated not one but TWO wasp nests that were coming along swimmingly above my studio window. I tried to get photographical evidence of his work but it's both disgusting and also not very telling. You will have to use your imagination, but in that dreamworld make sure you insert WASP LARVA and also WASPS ZOOMING FROM THE NESTS LIKE FIGHTER JETS LEAVING THE BATTLESHIP and you'll have a pretty accurate picture of what we did on Saturday.

- Cleaned the stop of our stove. Because he's a darling.

- Swept and mopped the floors like only Chip can.

- Performed various and sundry daddy-appropriate jobs including lifting, twirling, swinging, carrying, tickling, and kanoodling.

Oh, I love it when he's home.


Anonymous said...

The thought of any of us on the driveway in our undies drawing chalk pictures make me giggle.

Beths said...

That Chip does seem like a dear one.

And I thought Alice was just adorable in those pictures. Didn't think it was odd at all... She can totally get away with a onesie.

Sibley Saga .... said...

I"m actually jealous of London when she gets to hang out in a onesie. Our piece of junk trailer is SOOO hot in the summer!!